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January 03, 2008

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Music, Politics, Acting, Fashion, iPod, Psycology, I'm Atheist, Tv, Movies, Organization, Cleaning (I'm a freak), Talking, Thinking, Debating, Dreaming, Making Mixes, Dropping it like its hot, Cultures, Board Games, Halo, Coffee, Tea, Food, Laughing, Not taking myself or anyone around me seriously.


Rilo Kiley, Tegan and Sara, Deathcab for Cutie, John Vanderslice, M.I.A, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Kweller, Regina Spektor, LCD Soundsystem, Eisley, The Postal Service, Cursive, Bloc Party, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Kings of Convenience, Dashboard Confessional, Jem, Hello Goodbye, Damien Rice, Coldplay, Norah Jones, The Strokes, The Shins, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New, System of a Down, Radiohead, A Perfect Circle, Missy Elliot, Jack Johnson, Interpol, Cake, The Rapture, The Gorillaz, Lali Puna, Metric, Madonna, Techno, Etc...


Garden State, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Donnie Darko, Kill Bill 1 and 2, All Harry Potters, Benny & Joon, Edward Scissorhands, Chicago, Minority Report, Fahrenheit 9/11, Monster, Saved, Elephant, Bowling for Columbine, and most documentaries.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter, It, New Rules, 1984, Fahrenheit 451, A Raisin in the Sun, A Lesson Before Dying

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I am le tired

So, Went to bed around 4:45 Monday morning...woke up at 6:30. I was up til around 1:45 doing homework, and then I went into some weird half awake half asleep mode where all I did was cough and blow my nose because I was too tired to just get a drink of water and it was too late to take nyquill because it wouldn\'t wear off before school. And then at onepoint I managed to put a cough drop in my mouth, and then I fell asleep, and then woke up and thought I was choking on it.The suprising part was that I wasn\'t completely pissed off in the morning. I was actually pretty damn happy. Mostly because I did my homework for once and I didn\'t have to stress about it.

My digital camera is collecting dust due to my laziness, :(   It will be revived x-mas break.


Christmas break come already!!! I have a lot of work to do in the next few days. But when midterms start Thursday, its smooth sailing...If it was anything like sailing at all. The reminds me. There are a lot of little sayings that are quite stupid. I just hate cute cheesy sayings in general. Although I use them. But we all know I\'m a big hypocrite.

The coconut is the largest seed in the world...dude...

BLEH!!! Exciting things this week/weekend. I will have fun...heh

Honestly, this entry is pointless, because quite frankly, nothing has been going on in my life lately. I\"ve been swamped with my play. I\'ve been trying to catch up with school. I\'m tired, bored and lonely. What else is new.

But, its a month and three days until I am seventeen

A friend of mine keeps telling me that things will never happen for me if I don\'t take initiative. That I need to pursue what/who I want. Because If I don\'t do anything, who knows what may or may not have happened.

I think...that I\'m going to take her advice.....

But most likely I wont and I\'ll sit back and not do anything...

So yeah, I\'m being all cliche and asking for answers to questions...

-If you could do one thing with me, what would it be?

-If you have to pick a celebrity that I remind you of, who would it be?

-What are three words that describe me?

-What can you see me doing in the future?

-What is your favorite thing about me?


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Baby,its cold outside...

I\'m letting go of the stress with school....and getting into the Christmas spirit.

I\'m so excited. I love it.


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Come see me!

Everyone...come see \"Its a Charlie Brown Christmas\"

Its at Siegel High School on Thompson Lane.

Its tonight (Saturday) at 7:00. Tomorrow (Sunday) at 2:00, and next Friday and Saturday at 7:00

I am Snoopy.

The show is really good and very festive

Come see it, and come see me...please...

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No! It can\'t be...not now...please!!!!


Nick is sick...

Blegh! Why now! This sucks! I have all of this stress going on, i\'m getting no sleep, drama is arising everywhere, the play starts Friday, technically that is. I say it starts tomorrow Because we have a faculty show, hey, its still a show to me. So yeah. At least I dont have very much speaking to do. But I laugh, a whole lot, very loudly, and right now, my throat feels like its closing in, seriously. Its sooo dry and it hurts to swallow. I hope that nyquill works miracles tonight and that I become better for the play.


and yeah, I hope someone is recording the season premire of \"Project Runway\" <3

And on American\'s Next Top Model...WTF?!!?!? I am pissed off. Holy crap. What the hell were the judges smoking, I realy really. It should have been Nik. Without a doubt. Bleh.

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