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February 25, 2007

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Music, bacce, billards, COFFEE, languages and cultures, some goldfish named Ludwig Van Goldfish and D'mitri Shostakofish, musicals, soy sauce, horns commonly known as french, chamber music, symphony orchestras, opera, coke products, iPods, ramen noodles, Canada and Argentina.


Classical: Mahler, Mozart, Shostakovich, Beethoven, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky, Hindemith, Prokofiev, Ravel, Strauss in all forms, Rossini, Stravinsky, Schumann, Schubert, Barber, Satie, Gabrieli, Mussorgsky, Bernstein, Gershwin, Handel, Williams, Brahms, Bach, Horner, Holst, Bizet, Whitacre, D'vorak, Grieg, Debusssy, Orff, Saint-Saens, Bartok, Copland, Chopin, Mendelssohn, Josh Groban more...
Rock: Coldplay, Beatles, John Mayer, John Mellencamp, Maroon 5, among others.


RENT, Moulin Rouge, Fantasia (hehe), Koyaniskotsi, E.T....omg, I LOVE E.T.! Happy Feet, Star Wars, got'a like that. And Lord of the Rings. Can't forget Pirates!!! I really only go watch movies that I know will have good sound tracks. Red Violin is good tood. I listen to sound tracks all the time. Got'a love John Williams! Spider Man, X-Men, Schindler's List


I don't really read...but Shakespeare is always good.

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few more days...

Just a few more days till I leave for Memphis. Tyler and I spent all of Saturday together, it was fun. We went to the Science Adventure Center and played around there, then to one of Nashville's malls for lunch/walking around. We went back to his house to watch a movie and then make this cute little memory book (we made one for each other) to look at when we're lonely and stuff. I shall miss him greatly. We checked both of our calendars for when we'll get to see each other next, and it looks like we won't get to see each other till my fall break. In September. The end of September. He gave me his grandma's ring. Yay. :-)

I miss him already.

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day one

So yeah, Siegel had the first day of band camp today. It went very well, we put 15 or 20 sets on the field with music, so it's exciting.

I have tan lines on my feet. :-)

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5th months and still going

Tyler and I have been together for five months now, as of August fourth. We have matching rings. :-)

I love him.

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and the time goes by

I have 15 more days.

It's all going to change. I'm not ready.

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So Thursday, Tyler's mom called me saying Tyler was having panic attacks and was asking for me. So I went to go see him and help him feel better. It was scary, he had a mini one in the shower but I woke him up and held him till it was over. I cried a few times while he was in his resting and I was just petting him. We assume that all the stuff going on with band (instructors bashing him for being better than they are and him getting more respect from the students) cought up to him and his brain shut down. His mom got all fired up and said she was going to talk to the band director and hangout because she's been hearing some things about this happening to other kids as well. (She's scary when she's angry, much like him.) I'm just so glad he's okay.

 I think that after all the drama and stuff that's been going on the past month has been put to rest. That makes me so happy. Even though we fight more than we should, we both love each other, and that's what matters. Now that we've made-up and stuff, I can see a more healthy relationship around the corner, even though we'll be four hours apart.

We'll make it work. According to his mother, we are meant to be.

So yeah, I was on my way home yesturday around 9:00 and had a fender-bender. It's all ok, it was the wet road's fault and the other lady and myself are okay. The damage that I have are a busted headlight and bent hood, shouldn't be too much to get fixed. I'm just glad I'm ok.

I have like...17 days till I leave for school. I'm totally not ready.

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