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March 29, 2006

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let's see there's music, writing, art, and taking pictures. Laughing, smiling, making out, and meeting new people


I LOVE MUSIC! IT'S MY LIFE. If you were to look in my CD player you would most likely find.. Janis Joplin. I also love Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Oasis, Weezer, Black Sabbath, The Beatles, Marshall Tucker Band, and Led Zeppelin.. Just to name a few.


Anchorman, Finding Nemo, The Notebook, Dazed and Confused, all the Back to the Future movies (except the 3rd one), The Goonies, and One Fine Day


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Christmas Break

Christmas break is right around the corner. I\'m so happy. I only have one more mid term and then my senior year\'s half way over! I\'m so excited you don\'t even know.
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Is Everything OK?

Man break ups suck. Am I making a huge mistake? Sometimes I just need someone to say \"hey, it\'s going to be alright, you\'re doing the right thing.\" I really wish I knew what I wanted.  I just hope this is for the best.


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Undo Button

         Sometimes I wish life came with an undo button. Do you know how much better that would make my life? If I did something stupid... just push undo. If I said something I didn\'t mean... just push undo. No one gets hurt and life goes back to normal. You don\'t sit here wishing you could take everything back, there would be no regreats. Will someone make me an undo button?


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I thought I\'d join the cool kids....

Well I thought I\'d join the cool kids. So I finally broke down and got a phusebox. Maybe I\'ll do a better job of keeping this one up to date.


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