November 25 2005

so my life i suppose is getting better!!!!

swimming= awsome.... im getting stronger every practice!!!! i can lead in our lane sometimes now!!!! i still suck at free.... but i think i am getting better!!!!

guard= sigh....... i really really really miss guard....... even though during guard i say i hate it, i really love it... just sometimes being so physically hurt and tired and hot i just feel like i hate it!!!!! but guard is amazing...... i love those girls so much....... same thing with my band friends........ i love them and it seems like i never see them anymore...... sad!!! hopefully i'll be ok 2 do it next year though!!!!!

friends= : ) my friends are amazing...... these last 3 weeks ive been constantly sick........ which sucks so ive been like not talking much b/c it makes me feel kinda dizzy and such...... i hope i get better soon though!!!!!!!!! maybe im having a movie night/day saturday!!!(tomorrow) so that will be cool!!!

school= i think i have senioritis!!!!! i just dont wanna try but if i get all A's i will get 100 bucks!!! which is like 3 months of gas paid for!!! so yall will have 2 make me study like crazy till christmas!!!

have a great rest of thanksgiving break!!!!!!!