May 28 2006


and im a SENIOR!!

= )  im so happy theres no more school....... i didnt do 2 hot on my finals, but thats alright!!

have a great summer.... since i never update this!! lol


February 11 2006

so pretty much xanga and myspace are more fun!!! i never get comments on here!!! so yeah go 2 my myspace or xanga!!! <3

movie nights

December 02 2005
movie nights are awsome!!!!!


November 25 2005

so my life i suppose is getting better!!!!

swimming= awsome.... im getting stronger every practice!!!! i can lead in our lane sometimes now!!!! i still suck at free.... but i think i am getting better!!!!

guard= sigh....... i really really really miss guard....... even though during guard i say i hate it, i really love it... just sometimes being so physically hurt and tired and hot i just feel like i hate it!!!!! but guard is amazing...... i love those girls so much....... same thing with my band friends........ i love them and it seems like i never see them anymore...... sad!!! hopefully i'll be ok 2 do it next year though!!!!!

friends= : ) my friends are amazing...... these last 3 weeks ive been constantly sick........ which sucks so ive been like not talking much b/c it makes me feel kinda dizzy and such...... i hope i get better soon though!!!!!!!!! maybe im having a movie night/day saturday!!!(tomorrow) so that will be cool!!!

school= i think i have senioritis!!!!! i just dont wanna try but if i get all A's i will get 100 bucks!!! which is like 3 months of gas paid for!!! so yall will have 2 make me study like crazy till christmas!!!

have a great rest of thanksgiving break!!!!!!!


November 12 2005
so now that guard is over, swimming is my life........ but i love swim season!!!!! so its all good!!!!!! i wish i could go back to alabama competition and change what happened........ it sucks that like i barely talk to those girls anymore!!!!!! i mean we will be good friends sometime....... but i hope by thanksgiving break so i can have stuff to do!! but my other friends are amazing!!!! if not for this 1 boy i would be in washington living with my cousins 2 weeks ago!!!!! but he has helped me get through all this!!!!! its great i have him as a friend!!!! and thanks to some of my other friends that helped me get through all this crap!!!!!!! i dont regret a thing i said or did except for ignoring everyone except the "possy"!!! im sorry for that........ thanks for making me realize that i was being a jerk.... i mean all that stuff was crap....... yea we had a blast during fall break......... but i completely ditched the rest of my friends that i promiced i would hang out with them!!! so yeah i guess i wish i could go back and change stuff........ but i cant........ i just feel that ive lost 3 of my closest friends...... were still friends but like were just not close anymore....... and it sucks!!!!! but this is where im blabbing b/c like no one really has phusebox........ so yea i guess thats it........


October 05 2005
lets just say that i really miss fall break......... i wish things would go back 2 how they were b4 then .......... not like everything is screwed up!!!!!!!! people hate me for stuff i never said....... people are saying crap about me for no reason!!!!!!!!!! there is so much friggin drama in guard and it all sucks......... like people wont talk to me!!!!!!! like i was practically crying alllllllllll frickin day!!!!!!!! arggggggggg and i might quit swimming!!!!!!!!


September 27 2005
guard's goin good.... im always tired.... but guess what!!!!!! its my 16th birthday!!!! i feel old!!! lol but i decided i'd write in this b/c im bored!!! so leave me comments!!!


August 05 2005
so yesterday was really really sad!! guard is goanna be completely different without kayla!! and i mean completely!!

i got my hair cut and it is sooooo cute!!! i LOVE it!!!! i will put a pic up here soon when i take a pic!! haha

bandcamp is next week... cant say im as excited about it after yesterday but it will still be fun!! just different!! so i guess thats it


August 02 2005
pre camp this week... we learned a sabre routine today... its really cool!! but its way way way hot outside!!!

im gettin myhair cut friday morning!!! ahhhh i cant wait!!! i am gettin like 3 inches cut off then get it thinned out then get it layered then get bangs... like the swooping bangs!!! eek im soooo excited!!!

im goanna start going to northside baptist church!!! they have a awsome youth group!!!

im prolly goanna start using this more b/c im sick of xanga!!!


July 31 2005
im really looking forward to school!!! im really goanna try to get really good grades this year!!! i dont want to be grounded again this year!!

can you believe that in less than 2 weeks we will know more than half of the show??? that seems crazy!! but i cant wait till the show is finished!!! ahhh i cant wait...

but i also cant wait till guard ends b/c im really looking forward to swimming!! i miss swimming... b/c i can eat what ever i want whenever i want!! haha and i miss swim meets!!! lol singin IVE BEEN WORKIN ON THE RAILROAD!!! lol thats the best swimming song!!! haha i'm goanna try to get around a 1 23 or so for the 100 brest!!!

after swimming i'm having surgery!!! on my foot and i will miss prolly 2 weeks of school!!! thats goanna be crazy!!! but hey i really think this is goanna be a fun year!!

less than 2 months till i can drive!! ahhh i cant wait!!!

im not lookin forward to sabre's though the next couple weeks... my arms are goanna get a beating!!! haha they already got 1!!! but hey its all worth it in the end!!!

have a great last 2 weeks of summer everyone!!!

im gettin bangs in a couple days!!! lol and gettin my hair cut!!!

i despise sabre's....

July 27 2005
i despise sabre's..... i have a huge bump on my wrist and my wrist feels like it did when i hurt my wrist a year ago..... not lookin 4ward 2 band camp when i do sabre's like way more than 1 or 2 hrs.....


July 26 2005
last week of summer.... and i wont be free till im ok after my foot surgery next feb..... but i love guard and swimming so yea!!! kinda lookin 4ward till school...

pre camp next week... band camp week after... school week after that.....


July 18 2005
so yea my surgery went pretty good tuesday... i can talk for the most part!!! so i went straight from the hospital to emily's party!! and stayed there till this morning... haha some interesting talks we had!!! but maybe saturday we can go to the lake in the morning!!! if its nice like today!!

car wash friday from like 1-5 or sumthin like that at walmart!!! please come support us!!!

babysittin saturday night!!!

we only have like 5 more aerobics!!! yay!!!

band camp is in like 11 days!!

school is in like 3 weeks and like 5 days!!!

my birthday is in 2 months and 7 days... 16 baby!!!

swimming starts mid september i think!!!

i got alot to look forward to comming up the next couple months!!!


July 16 2005
so ummm the charlie and the choclate factory is like soooo freakin awsome!!! and so are emily chelsey brittney amanda and so many other people!!! i had sooo much fun!!! maybe next week it will be nice enough to go to the lake!!!

this one day at guard practice...

July 14 2005
this one day at guard practice we learned how do do dropspins and tosses with the sabres!!! the next day we find 500 bruises!!!
but we made up names!! haha its goanna be a blast!!!

2moro we have aerobics then were going to the lake then were going out to eat then were going to charlie and the chocolate factory then wer goin to get the new harry potter book!!! goanna be 1 crazy day!!!


July 11 2005
so yea i decided to update this...

suicides and ajjdsfdlkjsd turns are soooo awsome!!! haha it was a fun last practice!!! and omg a swim meet tomorrow then thats it till like october!!! yay... and seriously we have 2 and a half weeks of summer till pre band camp.... summer has gone by soooo fast!!!

have a great week...


July 07 2005
this is kinda stupid...


July 04 2005
happy 4th of july!!! if your goin 2 the mtsu fireworks call me 848 4820 when you get there and we can meet up there!!! love you guys soooo very much!!!


July 03 2005
the house is quiet... 2 quiet!!! me mom and kristi are goin shoppin later!!! we both need new clothes!!! if your goin 2 the fireworks show at mtsu tomorrow call 848 4820 so we can hangout!!!


July 02 2005
OMG im about to go crazy... i cant do anything b/c my cousins are here.... like outside of guard i havent been able 2 do ANYTHING!!! i cant wait till they leave and i can go back to my normal life!!!


June 30 2005
my fav cousins left like 5 minuts ago and i miss them already!!! like the house is soooo flippin quiet without them here!!!

guard aerobics are pretty darn hard... sometimes they make me wonder y the crap do i love guard??? but like in the end... everything is worth all the hard work!!! so yea its just kinda boring just doing aerobics... but hey were gettin in shape so thats always good... this has been a huge pig out week... not good when im tryin to lose a couple pounds!! i just cant wait till the guard carwash... like everyone is soooo freakin nice in guard this year... like i dont think it will be a problem not getting along with everyone... so thats good... but this is real long so yea have a great week everyone


June 27 2005
umm yea this week is goanna be amazing!!! swim meet... lake... hangin out... movies... all the fun stuff you could imagine!!! have a great week yall!!


June 25 2005
i love the lake!!! i got some major major major air tubing today!!! like 5+ feet off the water!!! yea it was amazing... my arms legs and face are sooo very burnt but my stomache and back arent b/c we HAD to wear lifejackets!!! yea that was the 1 bad part!!!


June 24 2005
im testing for 2nd recommended black belt in taekwondo tonight!!! yea scary when you dont member parts of stuff!!! but aerobics... havent liked them the last 2 days!!! have a great weekend... i might help rachel with her tosses tomorrow!!!


June 21 2005

i miss school swim meets... i wish every meet was like county or any of those other great meets!! just gota wait a few more months!!! but yea im exhausted from the meet today!!! haha heather beat me in 2 events!!!

im not doin anything tomorrow... so yea call me!! 848 4820!!