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June 08 2005
Hey everyone! Ummmm... I'm up here in Murfreesbor, Tennesse for the summer from my hometown of Jacksonville, Florida. So far I've had some fun. But yeah, I'm planning on meeting new people and hopefully making some friends while I'm up here. And...ummm...hmmmm.... LOOK OVER THERE! (runs away)

Nathan Moore

June 09 2005
what's up jarrod?

the brian king kenobi

June 09 2005
hey, met ya at belle aire the other wednesday. how ya been?

Rachael Moore

June 09 2005
hey i hung out with you last night! it was fun! we should all hang out again! have a great day!


June 09 2005
HEY! its mady. we talked alot last night at blue coast burrito(sp?). HI! come to my site!!!

Nelson Lumpkin

June 09 2005
Hey, this is that kid that was bragging about his burrito last night. So we're not buds? Q(