July 02 2005
well..i went to fairview this morning at 0630 with my dad to do his JROTC inventory!! man was it tons of work!!! but it was tons of fun! my dad and i don't get to spend much time it was most definetly a wonderful day!! : ) well.. i suppose that's it for now

ya'll have a wonderful July 4th!! and please be careful

everything's gonna be alright

July 01 2005's gonna be OKAY
the van is fine...thank goodness!!! and i haven't had any problems for an entire day!!!! go me!!! well...i'm gonna shower, go to school, and chill for the rest of the day!!

and i have a 3 day weekend!!!!!! cuz the 4th of July is on monday!!!

later dudes and dudettes

i did it again

June 30 2005
but this time i hit the house...ouch!! and my parents were actually nice to me..of course i had to clean it off w/ this cream stuff, but it's allll good = ) well..i'm off the school...

talk to ya'll later

worst day

June 28 2005
have you ever forgotten to turn your lights off? well i did and they were on for 3 1/2 hrs today at summer school... well it died...and it took forever for it to start again! and my mom's not happy at all. it was an accident gosh..i'm in sooo much trouble so if you don't hear from me in a while...don't worry about it



June 26 2005
i hope today's a wonderful day.. yesterday was pretty good even though i babysat from 9:30 am til 7:30 pm-- we went to mcdonald's and kids castle! the boys loves it. and my teacher had surgery yesterday..and she's cancer-free!! i'm so glad that her prayers were answered!

well..i'm off to shower, go to church, and study for mid-terms this afternoon


an old friend

June 24 2005
wow! last night Brink called...he graduated 2 yrs ago and he called my dad last night..because my dad's Major..for JROTC.. yea..well my dad ended up giving me the phone..and boy did i talk forever... well brink did too. he was in the Marines..but they found that he had a spinal cord he obviously had to quit.. but he told me all these cool stories about boot camp and everything...

that totally made my day...just talking to an old friend :)


June 20 2005
babysitting tonite! it'll be tons of fun!! these kids are awesome!!

well.. i better go finish my homework, boy i feel stupid saying that...i mean it's SUMMER!



June 17 2005 brothers and i decided to give our parents their present a couple days early.... we got them a dvd/vcr's nice!! and they were thrilled.

homework..for the weekend..not cool

CAP is going well, i can't wait to get my uniform, it's been driving me crazy being in civilian clothes..

i guess that's it for now.. ttyl


summer school...

June 16 2005
the other day was the worst!! we had TONS of work because our teacher was absent. we had two chapters worth of section reviews and test reviews and then on top of that a report!!!

today wasn't so bad, a pop quiz, and we have a test tomorrow

on Monday i went to the doctors to get my back checked out since it's been bothering me off and on from the beginning of the year. well, they took xrays and found nothing so they gave me some strong medication.. but it hasn't been working or at least not today. i'm getting worried about it, but i figured that if something is wrong, i'll have to accept it...

the weekend!!!

June 10 2005
thank goodness!!! it's the weekend!!! tomorrow i'm going laser tagging!!! i love it!! it'll be a good weekend! ...i can feel it now

as days go by

June 05 2005
yesterday wasn't a good day.. many things went wrong

today's alright, just finished some US History homework... it's not too hard, it's just time consuming!
i suppose that's all for now.

later gator


June 03 2005
well...summer school's alright, it's gonna be an awfully long summer though.