wow..3rd one for today

March 18 2006

wow God really works in mysterious ways! i have this person i know hwo has gone through a LOT of stuff lately and was NEVER happy always being negative and she called me and said...

julie anne..why am i happy?? i prayed and asked God to show me that everything will be ok and a few days fine...i dont get it..i didn't act any diffrent than i usually do!

i said well thats God trying to work His way into your life to show you there is hope for a better future!

Now i know God is real and believe in Him Strongly but just a small example of God working in someone's life!

i hope yall have a great day!

<33 in God's love!

julie anne

lyrincs and quotes..u SHOULD read...

March 18 2006

~!~Friends will think your fine but best friends can tell that something is seriously wrong through that big smile...~!~

"i dont know why im feeling sorry for myself...i spend all my time wishin that i was someone else..."-girl next door, by saving jane

we get into the biggest fights with the ones that we care for... because those are ones that you're willing to fight for!

It's the days like these... where we sit around and do nothing... the moments we laugh so hard we cry... the way we look at each other and know exactly whats going through our minds.. it's the stupid things, the inside jokes... that's the reason why we're [[ i n s e p e r e b l e ]]

Pride can stand a thousand trials The strong will never fall But watching stars without you My soul cries [kissing you}{romeo&juliet sondtrack]

**she is the prom in the marching band...she is a sittin in the stands...i get a little bit...she get's a little more...she's miss just the girl next door** girl next door-saving jane


March 18 2006

hey! well i am new to this to so leave messages or whatever! i love you!


julie anne