Dang,it's been a while.

March 31 2006

Yea,so I haven't updated in like 5 months. Crap's happened. Same old same old.basically. I get my braces off April 26th.School's over soon.I'm happy. Life's pretty good..

Probably could be a wee bit better.But I'm not complaining.

What are you thankful for?

November 24 2005

I have so much to be thankful for this year.It's more than I ever had before.



November 06 2005

My computer has been dead for like..3 weeks but it is now aliveeeee.

So..Moonlight Madness was Friday night-Saturday morning.Holy mother.Clemency rocked my face completely off.Jason=Amazing.Paul=amazing..the drummer kid=amazing.

I love them.

Faced my fear of heights and climbed the 30 foot wall at Climb Nashville.

Rocked face as a sniper at Laser Tag.

Passed out at the movie.

And I was refused coffee and was highly upset at Lamars.Oh well.=P


holy snap

October 16 2005

I'm loving the new phusebox.I really haven't updated in a while.

Not much has been going on lately.I've been extremely busy,tho.Between ROTC and church,I basically have no life.=D

Homecoming was Friday.I went to the game but not the dance,because I suck at life.=)But that's ok.

Just thought I'd fill you guys in.


September 23 2005
Kayla made rifle team!!

Only problem is that my mom doesnt really want me to handle firearms.

..Wish me luck in telling her?


September 10 2005
My mom was telling me this thing she and Dayton(my 5 year old nephew) were talking about in the car on the way to the story.
His parents,my brother and Misty,his mom,were never married,always fought and his older brother Kaleb now lives with his dad in Smyrna.Misty now lives in Florida with her new boyfriend.

Mom-"Who do you really want to live with?"
Dayton-"My daddy and my mommy and Kaleb and me."
Mom-"How do you want that to happen."
Dayton"God.......he already knows my wish."

that..just really touched my heart...hadda share it with you guys.

=D times infinityyyyyyy

September 10 2005
I am in the best mood ever.

Maybe because KAYLA HAS A CRUSH.


Oh the joys.

This guy is amazing.=)

Maybe just maybe it shall work.



September 03 2005

We did the whole sneak attack on Oakland last night.XD...it even surprised us,if you catch my drift.ahah..

But..yea.Siegel beat Oakland.

Let it go down in history.

That's what you get for being such jerks to us last night.

Siegel Gaytion..wow..that's soo lame.We don't make fun of you guys now do we?NOO...

..sorry..wee bit of school rivalry.hehe.


August 31 2005
Today was just one of those really sucky days again.=\

First I woke up at 7:00 and I have to be at my bus stop by 7:10.So I speed-rushed getting ready.No makeup,hair not straightened.bleh.

Then,it turns out Ashley is mad at me.And I have no idea why.=(...

yea..today..just wasnt good.

Jesus is my best friend.

August 25 2005
I feel like God's been telling me to look out for my friends.

And I'm trying to do my best.

But I think I've let some down.Because..yea.

Well thats going to change.

Because I need to be more forgiving.

oh boy.

August 20 2005
Ok.So..first week of high school.
It was pre' coo'.Yea.I like high school.It's fun.

Classes=pretty fun.

Last night,we got smashed by Riverdale.Um..Score was 50-3.


and in other news-Patrick broke up with Ashley last night,and both are just dandy.
Almost had a panic attack last night,too.Long story that I really don't want to go into.

Oh and....don't die,because I've been having weird dreams about everyone dying/killing themselves.So,no death/dying is allowed.=D


August 14 2005
Tomorrow=Offically offically a freshman.
Freshman year=whole new world of possibilities.
Whole New World of Possibilities=good thing or bad thing.

Summer is over in less then 12 hours.
This summer has been one of the best,funniest,amazingest,happiest summers of my life.But its also been painful.

I am over him.I don't want to date him.He's practically a manwhore.

Then I see him smile.>.


August 10 2005
I have determined that Kai is an absolute jerk who is desperate for a girlfriend and/or a girl to replace another girl who he likes but can't get at the time.

I'll never date him again.

He has another girlfriend already.Another one of my friends.


August 05 2005
Is it stupid of me to keep thinking that maybe,just maybe,he'll realize what he's lost,and he'll give me a second chance?

I hope he does.


August 04 2005
Kai broke up with me last night.
I've never felt so horrible.
It feels like I'm just..empty..

Why can I never be happy for a long period of time?

Photo From swizzlestix

July 31 2005

photo from swizzlestix

yep.that'd be kai.


July 31 2005
Well.the past couple days have been crazyyy

yesterday,silly kai fell 10 feet on his back out of a tree.but he is allll good.thank the lord.

tonight=movie night at ashleys.dance dance..
ah man.u all need to look at my pictures over there.my friends are crazy and that's for sure.

much loveee


July 22 2005
I've never felt this alone in my life.
Oh yea.I'm in PA right now.
Blah.It sucks.Real bad.
I miss everyone.
And I feel really hollow being so far away from Kai.


July 15 2005

And and and and and and...




July 10 2005
Ah man..yesterday was amazing.

Guess who has a boyfrienddd!Kayla does!And it just happens to be Kai!

I am still amazed.

Live 8

July 02 2005
I've been watching Live 8 all day so far..Wow..it's really great seeing celebrities trying to make the world better finally.

I hope the G8 leaders decide to forgive Africa of their debts.Man..that would be so awesome to witness.

Every three seconds,a child dies in Africa.That really gives me a new perspective on my life.I really do take things for granted, like knowing that there is always a doctor I can go to if I get sick.Wow..that's..wow.


June 28 2005
Why is it,that when everything seems to finally be going right,something comes along and SCREWS UP all of your plans?

Ya see, Me,Melissa,Kate,Laura,Ashley,Patrick,Kai, and John were all going to go to Kid's Castle on Saturday for the WHOLE DAY, but now Laura's uncle's coming into town on Thursday so Laura will only get to see Kai for a day(he's been in Nova Scotia for the past 3 weeks)until the 4th..so..now,Laura's not going to be able to come.John might not be back in town yet.



June 27 2005
Yea..So I'm new here.I will probably use this as a place for ideas for entries on my xanga.Yep.