May 12 2006
Hey whats going on? I am just sitting in school b lng bored so i decided to get on my space and just blog about things.  Well i am suppose to be coming to Murfreesboro next week for my boyfriends graduation and i am so stoked about that.  I love him so much and i always will.  Well i can't think of anything more to say so i guess that i will talk to you guys later.


April 25 2006

that i finally got the my guy back. I am so in love with him. He is what makes me get through my day. I didn't even have to try, he came to me which is a nice change for once. I love him with all my heart and i will always love him. I hope you guys had a good day. Later


April 19 2006

for my life to be good. Last night was so horrible. My heart was broken by the guy i loved most but  you know every good thing must come to an end.  But right now i have this new guy that i do like and i have liked him for a little while but no one knew that.  My friend decided to tell him today that i liked him which was cool cause i think that he likes me too.  His name is Jacob and who knows what could happen. later


April 03 2006

Because i was so sick all day. I mean i woke up with a sore throat and a stuffy nose and i didn't even go to school. I couldn't even sleep last night because my throat was hurting so bad. Why is it everytime i think that i get passed something it always comes back around and bites me on the butt. Who knows. Talk to ya later


March 27 2006

everything but easy.  I don't live at my house anymore and i had to go to my sisters birthday thing and as soon as i got there i mean my mom just started hammering me with these questions that made me feel bad and she basically ruined my whole night.  I just don't think i can handle that kind of guilt anymore and i don't know what to do, so if anyone has any suggestions please tell me i am about to go nuts.


March 24 2006

today was boring again but i finally got done with that office work that i was talking about yesterday. It sucked so bad but oh well its alright. yeah my spring break wasn't too bad i got to hang out with my friends alot and we had fun. well hope you guys had a good day...


March 23 2006

Yeah today was totally boring having a job at an office kinda sucks but hey the pays good so you know. I'm new and I know that i don't have a pic in yet and i don't know why i didn't put one in but oh well i will sooner or later just whenever i want to i guess