So, You ask...Why Am I a Christian?

April 02 2006

Let me begin by saying that I understand that not everyone who reads my posts believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, who died on a cross to save us from a life of rules and regulations, and a life that would end in hell.  If you've ever studied the Old Testament, you know that before Jesus, God's people had to go through a lot of work to gain forgiveness for the smallest infractions (small in my eyes, not in God's).  To study the lives of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Job, Daniel, Esther, Ruth and Naomi, David, and countless others, and to come away not believing that God is our Father is hard for me to understand.  How can anyone not at least give time to read the stories of these lives and their stories of faith in the one true God before they decide that God isn't real?  Everything about the Old Testament points to the New Testament and the coming of Jesus.  It pains me that God's chosen people, the wonderful Jewish people, deny Jesus His rightful place, but I know that God will open eyes in due time. 
There are certainly Christians who give "Christians" a bad name, an unfair rap--but I daresay that in every religion there are those who choose to make the religion their own, creating this untrue picture of what that faith as a whole embraces.  Living as a Christian should mean living as someone who reflects the typically gentle nature of Jesus, though Jesus certainly displayed His share of righteous anger.  I hope that I live what I believe---that my love for Jesus comes through in my actions and the words I speak to people in conversation, not just in an "Oh, Jesus loves you!" kind of way.   I think we are called to walk out our faith through our daily comings and goings, and our interaction with people.  It shouldn't be a Bible-thumping kind of thing, but an almost unassuming way about us that makes us different, that causes others to question what it is that makes our lives so full of joy.
And that brings me to the point of the post...Why Am I A Christian?  It's the joy, it's the thing that happens in my spirit that I know is telling me I'm in tune with the Holy of Holy's.  It's an undeniable aching in my heart at the thought of a life without God, without the saving grace of my Jesus.  There is nothing like the feeling I get, even now as I type, just knowing to whom I belong.  I'm a Christian because in the depths of my being, I know He is part of me.  To deny Him and not live this faith would surely put out the very light within my soul.  I'm a Christian because I've chosen to accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God. I'm a Christian because life without my Jesus would be so much less than what God intended.  I'm a Christian because I choose to be a Christian.
Now, the obvious question is "What about those who don't believe what you believe, Susan?"  Oh, don't you worry.  I am just not judgmental about it.  I ache when I know someone has chosen to deny God.  I feel immense sadness at the thought that I have in any way discouraged someone's faith in God.  But you know what?  I feel incredible anger at people who condemn those who do not believe.  Don't you know that it is in God's timing that those He has chosen will come to accept and love Him?  Don't you know that it could be the testimony of the most staunch unbeliever-turned-believer that bears the greatest witness?  Read The Case For Christ, and you will see how someone who operated not out of emotion was changed from a non-believer after many many years.  How dare you condemn those who are not where you are--don't even look down your nose at them.  Pray for them--that they will be open to the movement of the Holy Spirit when it begins.  Pray for yourself--that you are not the reason that person has turned away from God. 
I don't pretend to understand the reason people subscribe to other beliefs.  I don't think I am better than they, nor are they better than I.  I simply think that God has it all figured out.  It's way bigger than my little human brain, and that's where faith comes in---I have faith that God will do what He said He would do.  He will call His own unto Him, in perfect time. 
Unfortunately, not every church is great about setting the example for new believers.  In fact, I'll be really bold and say that I think most churches spend too much time and energy focusing on the human interests and too little time and energy focusing on the interests of the One they gather to worship.  Church can turn a person away from the faith faster than anything, and yet it is in the church that we are able to be fed and nurtured.  We have to stick it out, so that we might serve God even in that place. 
Most Gracious God, thank you that you have given me a heart for your people.  It is my heart's desire that those whose paths I cross will at least come away wanting to know more about you because of my example.  A life with you is joy, even in the darkest hours.  May those who read this be moved by the joy of the Lord that can be theirs.  It just doesn't get any better than this, not any better than you.  In Jesus' name, amen.


March 29 2006

Oh Lord My God, when I in awesome wonder, consider all the works thy hands hath made....

So begins one of my favorite hymns, and this morning, I have beheld some of the beauty up close and personal.  The petals on flowers---they are each so different, so personal--just like we are.  And as I was scratching up some soil to put grass seed down, and in some places just putting the seed down without scratching the soil, I thought of the Parable of the Soil----what kind of soil will yield the best grass?  It will be interesting to see.  Yes, God is always teaching me through everyday life.

So, what kind of soil am I planting His Word in?  Am I allowing the sun (Son) to light and nourish the seed?  Am I watering the seed with the Water of Life that never leaves us thirsting for more?  Only if I do those things can I be assured of the beautiful petals that reflect the beauty of the Creator.  Oh, Lord, My God, when I in hurried lifestyle, take not the time to tend the seed you've sown...Yes, I think a song is on the horizon to a tune I know so well.


March 05 2006
Typed an entry earlier, but then hit a link somewhere and it changed this page, not the one I thought it would. Oh, well!  Just saw pics from the ADK formal, so that makes it a little more exciting to think about next weekend.   Chip will make a wonderful escort for Julia Grace--glad she picked him.  Chelsey is a wonderful girlfriend to so freely lend her boyfriend for the occasion. 
Bernie is so sick again, and I'm really afraid to go back to bed---the last time I went to sleep I woke up to his calling for me.  Not a good feeling when he sounds so pitiful.  I'm praying that God will heal his body quickly and completely this time.  The doctor says it bronchitis again. 
The Mabes are coming in Thursday night, and Jim is spending a couple of days hanging out with us--Chip's thrilled, and so are the rest of us!
Happy Sunday---Praise God!!

Here We Go!

February 16 2006
So, in trying to come up with what I will do this year, I've come up with a couple of ideas...  I could take golf lessons--I've NEVER golfed, unless you count Putt-Putt, or I could take art lessons.  That might be more fun, and it would definitely allow my creativity to have a little fun.  It's getting harder to move furniture all around in the house, so I might need a new outlet...  Just thinking...

Goals, Plans, and Hopes

January 28 2006

Do you ever think about your goals, plans, and hopes and in that realize that it might mean trying new things?  I'm trying to think of my plans, goals, hopes for this year, and I'm wondering--what new things do I want or need to do, or at least attempt?  I've tried piano, voice, dance...what now?  Any suggestions?  Maybe I should write a book this year.  I love to write.  I could so glorify God through my writing.  Maybe that would be just the thing to do!


January 09 2006

Headaches hurt...they spoil my fun and that of the people who count on me.  I've done so well not to have a migraine in weeks, and then out of nowhere...BAM!  Yesterday is a blur.  Today will have to be a day of rest, because I'm worn out from hurting and sleeping.  How weird does that sound? 

I want to cook better meals for my family.  What do other families eat?  I love to cook, but I get burned out on the same stuff.  Surely, there is something out there to inspire me....


January 08 2006

So much of what people think of us is based upon our choices, isn't it?  Our we act, how we speak, how we take into consideration the feelings of those we care about most in this world.  What do your choices say about you to others?  What do mine say about me?  Well, I can tell you what I hope mine say...I am almost to a fault concerned about things being "right."  It probably drives some people nuts because I won't let go of things when they aren't made right, and it has gotten me into trouble in my life that I've even had to admit my own wrongs in order to make it right.  But that's me.  It's just the way I am, and I'm that way about almost every situation I've ever come across.  It pains me when I see things that aren't right, and yet I know that many tell me "it's life" that things are often anything but fair, honest, and right.  I love my Lord and Savior.  I want everyone to know Him and trust Him as He desires of them.  If people blindly follow, though, perhaps they won't understand the depths of His love.  Sometimes, we must experience a need for something before we can appreciate the gift of it.  If we have studied and studied and worked hard and then make an A in a class, it's a sweet reward.  If we do very little work and make a B, we're breezing through, with no real appreciation for what it took to earn it. 

Why am I so full of these thoughts right now?  I've watched many young friends, who are so close to each other, treat each other so unkindly in the past twelve hours.  The words that have been spoken have been hurtful.  Two teams, both excellent in their level of skill, played a game of basketball.  As in any game, one team wins, one team loses.  Calls are made that are unfavorable--both teams thinking more were made against them.  It's just a game.  We learn through our losses more than our wins, I think.  We learn a lot about ourselves and our friends, too.  I think some of my friends will awaken this morning to see that they have allowed much ugliness to spew from themselves.  Other friends will awaken to realize that they are hopeful to have an opportunity in the future to show themselves to be able to make better choices than their friends. 

What choices will you make now? Will you choose to undo some of the things you've already done?    Will you allow your anger to grow over a loss or your gloating to grow over a win?  There are few things more valuable than friendships.  Rivalries are fun, but they must be kept in perspective.

Newer Beginnings

December 30 2005

So, it's almost the New Year!  I forgot all about this thing, but then I wondered how many of my friends were still using it.  I guess most of our friends use another journaling/blogging system, and it's really hard to maintain two of them, don't you think?  But, then I saw that Carrie was on only moments ago, and I was hopeful!  I'll share more thoughts later, but I knew I had to write SOMETHING while I was here.

New Beginnings

June 23 2005
OK, so I'm trying this thing. Courtney has one, and I think Courtney is pretty cool. Of course, I have seen lots of other friends who I didn't know had pages here, so I guess they've been holding out on me! It's a beautiful sunny day, and I'm babysitting a precious little girl, who happens to be napping. I'm supposed to be working on laundry, so I'll go back to that now. Happy Day!