so i'm in the library...

August 08 2005
i'm in the library and these two people are arguing people next to me. i'm thinking about moving down to school to a different computer lab. they are freaking annoying!!! yeah i'm gonna move and i'll add more in a minute...ahhh good gracious. well they left and now i can type in peace. so we finished our performances this weekend and i worked last night. i will be going in to get my tips and paycheck today. WOO HOO! guess who's going shopping for some new jeans. um, so i get to sit around for the next couple of weeks before school starts. all i'm going to be doing is working and sitting around the apartment. sounds like fun to me. today was great because i woke up around 930 then went to the convenience store and bought some oj and breakfast, ate, then went back to sleep until 200. it was awesome. well i've got to update all my other things like myspace and email and whatever other websites i'm a part of. talk to you all soon. Have a merry day!

Stacy Freeman

August 12 2005
fine i suppose ill stay...but only because you say so.

kelsey shearron

August 23 2005
i went to the library yesterday