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May 14 2006

Im never on this thing

Work work work work work. It's what I do. Sucks. Having rent money saved and money to finish furnishing my townhouse... makes everything better.

Move in July 15th... 2 months away.

Life is good, family is good, friends are good (always room for improvement..), I love my boyfriend, his mom loves me... (however it will be awkward, for me, now that she knows about our sex life........) -moving on- I have a bunny rabbit to pet everyday, a big bed to sleep in, no more bunk beds, free groceries, I have a source of income... So I guess im doing pretty darn good.

I have plans for the summer too. Kentucky Kingdom, Paducah/Murray Kentucky roadtrips, Nashville zoo, more dates with boyfriend... I hope I get to do those things.

Havent really talked to anyone from MTSU. Reefer called me last Tuesday before work. My week has been full of early mornings, long work days, late nights... I have been too tired to communicate with many people. haha. Then again I dont really know who I'd talk to... my MTSU buddy list on AIM is empty.. no one has been online. Im just not a phone call kinda gal.

Good news though... my best friend Mary is living back at home. Her and her boyfriend broke up. Dont know why. Im happy though. Maybe we will get to be best friends again and hang out this summer. I sure hope we do.. I have missed my Mary.

My dad graduated from vol state last saturday.... and my sis graduated from mtsu the saturday before. I wanna graduate...

Ummmmmmmm I think Im going to go to bed.

Much love to the two people who read this. (as far as I know) (you know who you are)


May 15 2006
glad to know things are lookinm good for ya...and you've got a bunny to pet. =) where are ya working? hope you have a lovely day, dear!


May 15 2006