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October 03, 2006

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baby animals, ballet, cookie dough, cuddling, feeding ducks, hugs, kisses, looking at the stars, spooning, sleeping, taking pictures ♥ ♥!!


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2006 sure has been a lonely year... so far.  

When I think about it... I don't really have friends anymore. My old friends have disappeared. It feels like my boyfriend is the only friend I really have right now.

Things need to change... real soon.

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Moving into my townhouse this Saturday!! So pumped!!

That is all.

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Well, well, well. Long time since ive updated... oh well. Killing time so I can see if my bank account gets fed tonight at midnight or not. I sure hope so.

Still working... that's pretty much all I do. Sleep, shower, eat, work, boyfriend, eat, boyfriend, sleep. That's the jist of it.

Went to the zoo! Me, mom, boyfriend, and my 2 girls I babysit (8 and 2 yrs old) all went one Saturday. It was so much fun!! Yay!

Going to Kentucky for the weekend... should be fun.

Ummm I guess that's it. Im going to bed now.


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Da Vinci Code = reeeeeeeeeeeeeeallly good movie!!

go see it.

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Went to my highschool's dance show tonight... boy do I miss doing those dance shows. They were fun. 4 years, 7 dance shows total... fun times indeed.

I miss dancing. Not that I was anything amazing, but it was fun.

(stupid holly thompson trying to run into the picture.. what a hussy... gees.)

Oh and that picture reminds me of something else I miss........ all my gay dancer friends. I miss seeing them everyday. 

Hmmmmmm two days off in a row. Im so pumped. So off to bed I go.... and Im going to sleep all day tomorrow. Yesss!


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