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May 04 2006

im at mi casa right now.... i have accumulated sooo much mierda over the course of my freshman year it is crazy! mi madre and padre are excited to have their hija home for a few months!

dont you like how i choose random words to be español? i think it gives my blogs some character... si? maybe not.

ok i guess i'll go decide what im going to do with all this stuff i brought home...



May 04 2006
tomorrow/saturday/how ever long it takes...putting this crap away... random: my parents thought you were really nice...maybe someone could come visit your new casa later this summer and help get you moved in or something..? b/c i know someone's gonna wanna outta chattanooga sometime soon..yep. begging? nah.. =D

Stephanie .

May 05 2006
hahaha we'll see... ; )