Haha, wellllll then.

November 10 2005

I made this last night.. only because I was pretty bored and I'm only pretty sure I had these clips handy... but then again, I'm ONLY pretty sure about the entire situation. Oh well thought, you know. Here it is:


It actually takes place in several different locations. They may and probably include: South Dakota, Wichita KS, and Salina KS.


November 11 2005
lol hey I saw that you had added me to your friends list and i dont think i know you...so i was just wondering whats up? talk to you later... ~mariah~


November 24 2005
hey if you dont really like phusebox them you can use xanga!! its awesome, and I can help you out or whatev...i have my own, so check it out if you want!! www.xanga.com/misslimekahuna talk later babi! <3