So it's been awhile..

April 05 2006
..I apologize. Hah..

This weather sucks.

November 28 2005
I hate being in the middle. You get either one side really bad or nothing at all.

The weather in Kansas yesterday was freaking crazy. I swear. I want to move. One half of the state got a blizzard and the other half had SEVENTEEN tornadoes. What the heck?

Anyways. It was extremely windy, and it still is, last night.. it sucked. It kept me up until three in the morning. Eugh. Luckily, my mother let me stay home from school to try to sleep.

I got some webcam pictures Saturday afternoon...

I love Mountain Dew.
For sure.

Happy Turkey Day!!

November 24 2005
Yay. My Turkey Day was kind of boring though.. but other than that, it was cool I suppose. I hate the fact no fast food places are open. Uh. Not cool, eh? Anyways. I took some pictures in the car on my way to where we were traveling to. Here's some of them. I got like, thirty, but I HONESTLY, do not feel like uploading them all, but hey.. that's just a personal choice.

Haha, wellllll then.

November 10 2005

I made this last night.. only because I was pretty bored and I'm only pretty sure I had these clips handy... but then again, I'm ONLY pretty sure about the entire situation. Oh well thought, you know. Here it is:

It actually takes place in several different locations. They may and probably include: South Dakota, Wichita KS, and Salina KS.

Umm.. yeah...

November 07 2005
I don't really know.. so... lol... I'm just trying to find something OTHER than Myspace cause that shit sucks and is slow as C R A P!!