So Simple

August 08 2006

I really thought that this pic was amazing because it's so simple.

drama and lies!

December 12 2005
ok so the last week has been total BS!! to say the least! i am tired of everything and everyone right now which is why i am excited to be home! surrounded by your parents and not of school is really a good thing! i am just tired i dont have drama until bpc...well i can honestly say that i have been drama free for about 3 weeks... and fighting with ryan really isnt my drama becuase thats how we talk! i wish that i could tell everyone that i am not going to lie.... i dont owe anyone anything and vice versa! so if the truth is what they want i will tell it, that way its not on my head! anyways i dont like to be lied to so i am not going to do it! ok tired of this subject, i am going to go finish decorating for chirstmas and then clean! until then!


December 08 2005

ok so this is my first entry I have had this for about a month now but i have decided to write... I am finally home for Christmas!! thats right and its about time. i am ready to be away from sarah!! Christmas is a blessing more that anyone knows (no sarah)! this is a good thing.. i am ready to just relax, but my mom has me running to atlanta every day next week it seems like! The only reason this makes me mad is for the fact that i wont see ryan! i really do love him and its not just to be married because please there are so many problems that we are going to have.. but i think in the end it will be ok.. ok mr and mrs smith is on i just thought that it was time to post!