September 16 2005
tomorrow is "homecoming" aka plaza-ing and i am excited. tonight amanda and i are getting hair cuts. i'm excited for that too. i like hair dying and shoe painting. ahh and chai tea frappeccinos. those probably make my life happy.

i want to buy some moccasins because i lost my other ones from like two years ago.

i want to wear the rainboots that i have.

iiiii never update

September 09 2005
i think i never update because i like on xanga how i get a lot of comments.. but alas, on here i do not. that is ok though. i should probably just start updating on here more because people won't read it and that could be nice.

tonight there's an art show at main street that i want to go to... but i'm afraid to drive there so kacie and i will probably just drive around aimlessly to random coffeehouses like we did last friday and that is fine with me:)

it's really weird but i have this situation going on in my life and it sometimes hurts but lately it's just kind of made me laugh.

laughing is good.

r a i n i h e a r t y o u

August 13 2005
happiness has found me the last couple of days and it's been so wonderful. things are working out so nicely... i can't even believe the way things are working out. i'm doing my best to trust God and it seems to be working insanely. i got a new cd today and that makes me super happy. my new purse-ish bag thing makes me happy too. so does sitting in black dog for 2+ hours discussing future children's names.



August 04 2005
the maturity levels... or lack there of... of some people amaze me.

that was fantastic:)

July 29 2005
camp was beautiful. Jesus is beautiful. i knew him before camp, but i never realized i've never really known him like this.

it is beautiful.

more later?


July 22 2005
"hurting hearts, you can be made new
poke a teeny tiny whole in your heart
for him to shine his light through
and you will be made as bright white
and like a dove take flight
over the pain and guilt that has enveloped itself around your soul so tight."

actually i'm not sure if that's exactly how it goes... but i remember it to be quite similar. right now i'm remembering to be joyful in times of trial. it's hard but completely possible.

i mean... with God on your side... what isn't?

last night was the worst sleep i've gotten in a while.

i leave for camp soon...

Thank God.

p.s.- could you pray for me?

yellow shades and marvelous things.

July 20 2005
i have realized that i, sarah e. link, am an extremely passive aggressive person.

today amanda and i went shopping and it was mighty fine. i picked up some yellow shades and an araye of other marvelous things.

i also got my tetanus shot this morning.. and let me tell you, i was brave. actually i didn't even realize she shot me (?) until she was like "all done". it was nuts, i didn't feel it one bit! except now my arm is all sorts of sore.

oh well... what can you do?

i sat on a bench with mr. gilmore tonight. we played on a swing set too and then looked at ducks in the pond. it was good.

i took a nap at 7:00 in the evening tonight and let me tell you... it was a good one.

that's all my random thoughts as of now...