Ryan Braschler



my name\'s ryan, i\'m 17, gonna be a senior at George Washington, and i live in charleston wva. i\'ll talk to pretty much anybody, so if you think you qualify as pretty much anybody, my sn\'s shortstop123187. i like chinese food, i want to meet the guy who invented taco bell, i like ice cream, mcflurrys, baseball, hangin out with friends. i like it when i see a guy on the street and give him a dollar, even though you all know its prolly for booze it gives you a good contented feeling inside. i don\'t like it when people talk crap about you behind your back, i like to listen to stand up comedy and laugh about it the next day with my friends. i don\'t like it when you see somebody at the mall and then they punch you in the face. i don\'t like red lights, slow drivers, or policemen that pull me over for drivin too fast. i don\'t like ridin in the car with somebody who likes to go over on the side of the road just for the heck of it...not safe. i like being alone at times when its just me and there are no distractions to just chill and think about stuff, like what i\'m gonna have for dinner, what i\'m gonna wear, or when i should feed the dog. but i also like hangin out with pretty much anybody who wants to hang out and either just chillin, watchin a movie or havin deep intellectual conversations about people\'s problems, cuz i like to help people with their problems. don\'t know if i\'m good at it, but i like to do it. i like my van that everybody makes fun of cuz its a piece of crap. piece of crap...maybe....but i still love it. i like it when random people just start talkin to me about stuff that happened like 45 years ago. if you\'re still reading this, you prolly need to stop, cuz it\'ll be over about.........................................now


August 24 2005
rebekah, you are so beautiful, i love you, even though we haven't seen each other for like a year, and we're not emotionally attached in any manner, i just thought i'd tell you, that you are beautiful and that i love you. not in a boyfriend, sexual way, cuz thats someone else's job, but in the fire of friendship that was never ignited way...................... cuz we used to hate each other.