April 15 2006

photo from ben


March 03 2006
me n taylor brok up lol kinda wierd how quick that was but its cool cuz we were to good of friends to go out so ya. gosh yalll suck at leaving comment but once i but a gay pic of me up in a pink hoodie yall start commenting lol


February 24 2006
me and taylor are goin out...


February 12 2006
pretty sure i went to chucky cheese today and i got 2456 tickets lol ya i paid one of my friends that works there to get me 2,000 lol im not naming ne names though. but ya i got a PINK lava lame and a chuck doll lol it was fun ttyl peace


February 12 2006



January 29 2006

hey yall whats up well friday i went skateing till like 12 at nite then today i went from one to 12 it was sooo awesome but ya peace



January 15 2006
im single again yay!!


January 10 2006
not single nemore haha lol just got done skateing all hot in sweaty lol


January 04 2006

im single now but itkinda sucks lol


December 03 2005

hey ya;; whats up well today i am going to 6 avenue (its a sktepark in nashville) and ya its going to be awesome and then im going to the movies with Katelyn so thats going to be great but i gtg ttyl



November 21 2005
Me and Katelyn Brace are going out!!


November 09 2005
hey hey sup yall


November 07 2005
hey yall whats up well today was pretty cool iwent to  "don Paublos" with Hayley G and Emilee then we went and pick up austin who is pretty coll then went to cool springs and stayed there forever but tiwas great then we went bk to hayleys and watched Grind man i love that movie and sum intersting stuff happened lol mk ill talk to yall later leave me sum comment bye


November 02 2005
hey all well im really bored and well i havent een my little 3 year brother in like 3 months and i rly miss him so thats wats on my mind leave me sum comments


October 26 2005

there is a moster (lepercon)  right there

its as big as a bear

o my gosh it has green hair

man its going to eat me with its extremly sharp teeth

i see a log to hide benthe

man that was a close on

i almost gotten eatin by a man eating laporcon

i got bored so i drew on the fridge


October 26 2005

hey u guys well im think ill write another poem about my life

so im going to skool everyday                                                              im kinda workin hard so yay

sum stole a bunch of money today in the locker room                      thats not cool they should be hit by a broom

it was mean and selfish                                                                        if i did it to the they would be mad-ish

but since im a nice person im not going to                                           and so thats the end now shew

k lol it sucked i know bye


October 18 2005
 "something about Lauren"

     dedicated well to Lauren Moser

lauren has brown hair,

its the color of a bear,

bears have big feet,

i know a bear named Peet,

Peet has brown hair like lauren,

Peet like the rain when its pourin,

so everything gets all wet,

and then before u know it your dog is in the vet,

all beacause u slipped on the water,

from the pouring rain from your father,

because he was driving on that nite,

tires screeching  lights fashing now everyone is dead,

except for aj because he was smart and stayed in bed!!! Yay!! GO AJ


October 16 2005

hey yall whats up

well i left for Alabama yesterday at 11:30 and we got there at like for adn we stopped and ate lunch at wendeys that was prety fun. umm we got an overall rating of a 1 (which is the best u can do) cuz we didnt get one 2 lol we were so happy but ya then i slep on the floor of the bus on the way home and i wke up at a rest stop to fin like a mixture of tootsie rools and like carmel on my but so ya i was pretty mad but i went right bk to sleep lol and right now it is 2:24am and i cant sleep. but ill ttyl leave me comment bye


October 08 2005


October 06 2005
hey sup