venting. venting. venting.

May 21 2006

phusebox. is useless. i realize this. && yet. i still come here to vent. or whatever. im not really sure. anywayz. thatz not the point. but. im going to vent now. ---
I dislike nameless people and/or personz. have crazy, hypnotic obsessionz && very much need to get over. 'ex-loverz' this pissez me off. even though i really couldnt care for them or their 'ex-lover' you need a life. yes i plan to tell you this. possibly tomorrow??. meet me at skool. ha.ha. i know ill see you. b'cuz thatz the only place i do. except for when my boyfriend seez you at his work. aka. mcdonaldz. basically. the whole overview of this is. if you get dumped on your ass when your 'in love' && it'z been a long time. [weekz/monthz/yearz] && they've moved on. i would bet a million dollarz && my auntz house, carz, && property that they're not coming back. you--go find yourself a lover. have a life.

thank you.