from now on.

May 05 2006
ive decided. that every freaking time i write in this bish. itz going to be a memory. of. something. what? well. you'll find out. but thatz b'cuz i have nothing really to say about my life right now. i mean. itz ghetto. so shut the hell up.

some time. last april. [over a yr ago] i went to someone i now despisez house to hang out with a couple people i [then] thought would be ridicously lame, [yet] i still went to see these people. that day. was pretty sweet. [minus ] the person i dislike now. anywayz. come to reasoningz. thatz how i met linzee, dan-o, && anthony.

a day of my past.


May 05 2006
guy or grl( person u commented about)...i think jon is the farthest thing from a gansta nething...but is cute...wait he's in like the 8th grade rite?...nevamind. lol. ttyl

Jessica Johnson

May 05 2006
true.but im okay.its hard tho.i mean thats why i didnt come to school.everyone wld be like "ARE YOU OKAY". well um no not im gonna go.ttyl luv yas.bye.bye.<3 Jessica