May 01 2006

guess freaking what. im going to get my liscense. yay. yay. pft. hammer-time. im going. like. next friday. yay. im so happy. im almost 17 & im going to get my liscense. i dont believe i like phusebox. i dont really know why. i just dont. odd. but whatever. hm. i could make this a bazillion wordz long and i dont think id like it still. linzee quit her job at subway. man. now i have to find somewhere else to go eat cookiez. or i could still go to subway b'cuz jeremy and sarah work there. : ] yea bish. so. for that.

                                                                                               i leave.


May 02 2006
hey bre...long time no see. saw jon today...ur lil trouble making kin. omfg!!! this dead town is so boring!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! tell me again why ppl actually choose to live much to say im off like a dirty shirt </3 britt

Jessica Johnson

May 04 2006 are you? well im gonna go have a great day. much luv. jessicia. <3 yas.bye. bye.