April 23 2006

i feel like crap. im not going to say why. least not the whole reason why, but uhm i miss people, when i say people i dont mean one person. i mean freakin' people a junk load of people. you'd be surprised just how many i do miss. gah. like 3. ah. one i saw yesterday. one i saw friday. and one i saw last summer. other than that. uhm. my cousin matt. in california. his girlfriend
is going to have a baby in december. hm. crazy. my grandmaz gonna be a double great grandmother. psh. whatever. anywayz. im leaving. now.soon.


Abby Dee

April 23 2006
i love you. that's the only way to put it (lessthan heart)

Ashley who?

April 23 2006
I knew i was forgetting something. love.