July 12 2006

phusebox suicide

dont remark. please && thankzz ;-)

venting. venting. venting.

May 21 2006

phusebox. is useless. i realize this. && yet. i still come here to vent. or whatever. im not really sure. anywayz. thatz not the point. but. im going to vent now. ---
I dislike nameless people and/or personz. have crazy, hypnotic obsessionz && very much need to get over. 'ex-loverz' this pissez me off. even though i really couldnt care for them or their 'ex-lover' you need a life. yes i plan to tell you this. possibly tomorrow??. meet me at skool. ha.ha. i know ill see you. b'cuz thatz the only place i do. except for when my boyfriend seez you at his work. aka. mcdonaldz. basically. the whole overview of this is. if you get dumped on your ass when your 'in love' && it'z been a long time. [weekz/monthz/yearz] && they've moved on. i would bet a million dollarz && my auntz house, carz, && property that they're not coming back. you--go find yourself a lover. have a life.

thank you.

from now on.

May 05 2006
ive decided. that every freaking time i write in this bish. itz going to be a memory. of. something. what? well. you'll find out. but thatz b'cuz i have nothing really to say about my life right now. i mean. itz ghetto. so shut the hell up.

some time. last april. [over a yr ago] i went to someone i now despisez house to hang out with a couple people i [then] thought would be ridicously lame, [yet] i still went to see these people. that day. was pretty sweet. [minus ] the person i dislike now. anywayz. come to reasoningz. thatz how i met linzee, dan-o, && anthony.

a day of my past.


May 01 2006

guess freaking what. im going to get my liscense. yay. yay. pft. hammer-time. im going. like. next friday. yay. im so happy. im almost 17 & im going to get my liscense. i dont believe i like phusebox. i dont really know why. i just dont. odd. but whatever. hm. i could make this a bazillion wordz long and i dont think id like it still. linzee quit her job at subway. man. now i have to find somewhere else to go eat cookiez. or i could still go to subway b'cuz jeremy and sarah work there. : ] yea bish. so. for that.

                                                                                               i leave.


April 28 2006
nothing to say. so i insist to tell
every single one of you that i
need to shave my legz. ha.ha.
uhm. that and if i hear 'is he gay?'
or anything that has to with the
wordz 'that gay guy?' and im
not naming namez. all b'cuz it
isnt true. and i would feel very
horrible if it got out me saying it.
anywayz. i hear it again. im going
to punch someone. in the face.
no comment to who.


April 23 2006

i feel like crap. im not going to say why. least not the whole reason why, but uhm i miss people, when i say people i dont mean one person. i mean freakin' people a junk load of people. you'd be surprised just how many i do miss. gah. like 3. ah. one i saw yesterday. one i saw friday. and one i saw last summer. other than that. uhm. my cousin matt. in california. his girlfriend
is going to have a baby in december. hm. crazy. my grandmaz gonna be a double great grandmother. psh. whatever. anywayz. im leaving. now.soon.


If I should die;; I'll never leave you.

April 13 2006

I am in love with Just Surrender.

You could ask me a billion timez why and I would have absolutely no idea. So this year, I have decided to actually do the end of the year test. Aye. thatz a surprise, compared to last year, when I took the Math test. I copied A-Buch and we had different testz. thatz how sad it was. But I didn't pay attention in that class. nobody did. and guess what. I still fricken passed. so. yea. but this year, I'm deffinetley doing it myself.

Boredom hasn't completely struck.

March 20 2006

So. Nothing to say;; except all the crap about the skool kickin' people out for what they say on the internet is bull. i wish some bish would kick me out for that. i'd knock a wench out.

dang. i really would.


March 15 2006
im not quite sure what this typing is doing and/or where itz going. pft. im slow.