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The Great Awakening

March 02 2006

ok how did the Great Awakening of 1730s contribute to the devlopment of the separation of church and state????? help me please

its finally the WEEKEND!!!!!

February 10 2006

yay! well we have a winterguard competition this weekend and i am excited about that! but i have like 3 projects due this week so i am stressed about that. but over all my week has been amazing! i hope all is well for all of yall

I got the hang of this

February 06 2006
hey i think i got the hang of this now. wow my day was pretty much amazing! i woke up and got ready for school. before school started i feel going up the stairs in the hall and that was embarrasing but all you can do is laugh right? hahaha but yea i am just amazed at how God works in mysterious ways he loves us all so much and we just need to live out our faith and show people who we belong to. i have tried so hard to rely on myself to become a "better" person but i can manage that you just have to give everything over to God and trust that he will take you on the path he has for you. WOW!


February 06 2006
Hey everyone i am new on PhuseBox. I am into meeting new people as long as you arent a serial killer..... hah well i dont know what else to say so cya