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October 12 2005


August 23 2005
i definatley forgot bout this thing bc i got a myspace too lol...i only know like 1 person for real taht has this! baha...but oh well...umm so im definatley over that guy in the last entry hes a dickwad!!...but yah so its real weird but i think im kinda a little in to this freshman at my i mean hes really hot!!!!! hes liek one of the only cute guys at my school...ive had some hookups with other people latley haha weekends at my firends house lol all her brothers friends but yah i really think im startin to like this freshman over every1! idk i mean im to scared to tell him i mean his older bro is in my class!! im in 10th of course so it aint liek weird or nuthin but dayum all i wanna know is what happened to his bro and y dont he look liek his little bro does lol...theyre both fun tho! but yah i guess thats all for now!!...♥cammie i like this boy...

August 04 2005 now that i have broken my cell phone and all have now relized the people i miss the most...well one of those people had 2 pics on my phone and his number...i relize how much i miss this guy callin me and stuff even tho he has a gf and tryina git me to go over to my friends house [he friends wiht her bro]...and yah so i mean when im around him i feel all weird and idk he makes me feel soo good! and like idk its really weird...oh and my friends brother is outta the hospital...i was so worried about him..!...he fell outta the back of a truck so sad gah hes so stupid! but i love hima nyways...but okay the main point in this entry is taht as soon as i git my phone replaced tomorrw i think ima go to my friends and hopefully this guy willl be there adn git pissed that his pics and # aitn in my phone no more and put them back in...wish me luck with this one yall...hes a really good sweet guy*!!
♥cammie new at this

July 29 2005 i was lookin at a friends profile and well i saw she had one of these and it looked kinda like livejournal so im gonna see what one i like better and then jsu not use the one i dont yah l0l...bye