Yo Chic

August 25 2005
Hey...haven't been able to reach you by phone so I thought I'd try this....I'm sure you've been really busy!
Anyay...just wanted to say hey : ) What are your plans? do you know?
Email or call if you get a chance!


July 11 2005
I just thought I'd try this out. Still haven't gotten your snail address; do you have one? Anyway...if you're going to Mexico you may not be able to receive a letter anyway. Not sure. Anyway, talked to Bee last night and I'm SO excited to see you all. YOU, Bee, Dave...tell him hi for me will you?
And how are you? Sounds like you're having a blast!!
I am really broken right now....feeling...but God is going to teach me so much. Man...He is SO good!!
OK! So, I am PRAYING for you and your team. Will you be in LA after the 23rd? In two weeks?? Let me know okay Chickie!! (I ate at Chic a fil a with my mom last weekend and thought of YOU!)
Love you and God's blessings in His ministry in you!!