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My Heart Exists...barely

November 23 2005

guys...my heart hurts...

no one has caused this...i just really miss the innocence of high school...i miss the people...i miss the tight nit relationships i had with the people that surrounded me...i realized this tonight. I spent some time with some great friends...but it didnt feel the same. These are the people that i love...the people that i can no longer spend my life around...it hurts inside...and seems to be beginning to show on the outside. I'm sitting here reading through my old yearbooks, remembering all of the people i've met and shared times with...i realized that i have made some great friends, but i have also let them slip away from me alltogether.

i miss true love...not the kind you find in storybooks...or the kind that people describe as the unimaginably amazing...but the kind where two people care so much for each other that to lose that person...you lose a part of yourself...that you become incomplete. i can feel the chasm growing in my heart...only to be filled with the blood, sweat, and tears that pore from my body due to the percentage of myself lossed due to the inevitability of growing up.

Honestly...i dont even care if anyone reads this...i just needed to get it out.

Father Time with the hourglass, in reality

l a u r e n b e a s l e y.

November 24 2005
i miss you kid. come home soon. and this time let me see you. [[growing up is no fun at all]]


November 24 2005
my heart hurts too. but i believe, differently than yours. someone has caused my hurt. but i'm sure true love is out there somewhere. for us all...one can only hope.

Ben Moser

November 24 2005
good post kyle. i can understand what you feel on a different level. i am definitely there too. have a good week man.