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Falling. . .

July 14 2006

 . . Into place, that is. Sometimes God just amazes me. No I take that back, God ALWAYS amazes me. That He can care enough about me to see about the tiny, seemingly insignificant details in my life. To not only 'see about them' but to go above and beyond and blow me away by taking care of what He KNOWS matters to me. Life isn't always easy, He knows mine sure hasn't been. But when I can look back at some of what I've experienced and use those lessons and that pain to reach someone else, or to just simply understand for someone else. Its so amazing. There is something about the summertime, the hot days and warm evenings, the nights I can sit under the stars, that makes me nostalgic and contemplative. I have a sentimental tendency anyway but this time of year it really blossoms. I have spent the last several days reflecting on the past, on my past and those of the people I love. Its not all great, in fact some of it I wish I could change, as much for those involved as for myself. However, I know without a doubt I would not be where I am and even if I were I would not appreciate where I am had I not been where I've been. I know that was confusing but it made sense in my head. Anyway I just wish I had the chance to tell all the significant people from my past and in my life what they meant to me, what they taught me. I don't know why but I do. . . Anyway I didn't mean for this to turn into a sad post, its really not. My life amazes me more every day. God has this incredible ability to make things just 'Fall into place' if I will only relinquish control and allow Him. Amazing.

More later ~ MEW