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March 28 2006

How can some people be SO conniving and manipulative and downright slutty?!? I am currently harboring an intense hatred for one such person. I know its wrong to hate but aren't there some people that just deserve it? That earned the right to be despised and hated not only by me but by all females with significant others. For I am speaking of the female who cares not of your boyfriend or FIANCE'S attachment status, she only cares that she can seduce him at her will. Well guess what chicka, this time YOU LOST. I have someone who is above you and whatever you think you have to offer. So take your scuzzy self else where. As previously stated I know its wrong and I'm going to have to overcome it, and I will, but for my sake, not for her's.

Carla Simpson

March 28 2006
yikes!! it seems as if we've got some catching up to do! i'll be at dinner tomorrow night!