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Been a While

March 01 2006

Wow so its been a while. Thigns are okay for the moment, school is getting hectic but Spring Break is fast approaching so thank all goodness for that.

Lets see not much to update on. Oh yes, my engagement setting came in!!! HOWEVER, I refuse to get excited b/c in the words of Michael, it could be another six months. So what's to get excited about? Tell a bunch of people and then maybe they won't be around when/if that time comes. *Sigh* so I wait.

Other than that not much, just life. Spring IS coming though, I'm wearing flipflops today!!!!! :D

Carla Simpson

March 01 2006
uh, so yeah...steve has studio time during spring break so he isn't able to go home. therefore, i cannot go home with him. shucks....