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Day Late & one Dollar Short

February 15 2006

Okay so I know its a day late but I don't care, I need some random mental occupation right now. This "coulda-been-afabulous-day" could really turn sucky so I'm hoping it won't.


1. Do you like anyone?: if you don't know then you've been under a rock
2. Do they know it?: If he doesnt then HE"s under a rock


4. Had someone buy you something?: yep
5. Bought something?: yep yep

6. Gotten sick?: unfortuantly yes, lets not go there
7. Been hugged?: yes, amazing hugs!
8. Felt stupid?: isn't that part of everyone's day to day life?
9. Talked to an ex?: no
10. Missed someone?: yes
11. Failed a test: no, i'm a nerd                                                        12. Eaten cereal: probably but don't ask me to tell you what kind or when                                                                                               13. Danced crazy: haha last night!!!
14. Gotten your hair cut?: nope, but i dyed it!


16. Any nervous habits?: biting my nails, shifting my weight, nervous blabbing
17. Are you double jointed?: yep in my hips
18. Can you roll your tongue?: yes
19. Can you raise one eyebrow?: no but I've always wished I could
20. Can you cross your eyes?: yes
21. Do you make your bed daily?: HA, that depends on how much effort it involves


23. Said "I Love you" and meant it: everyday.
24. Given money to a homeless person?: yes, and food
26. Waited all night for a phone call that never came?: yup
27. Snuck out?: a loooong time ago
28. Sat and looked at the stars?: yes but not in a long time
29. Do you swear?: only when i'm REALLY emotional
30. Do you ever spit?: no cuz I always seem to do it when the wind is blowing
31. You cook your own food?: when I'm feeling froggy
32. You do your own chores?: yes
33. You like beef jerky?: not especially, I have to be craving it
34. You like pepsi or coke?: pepsi if I have to choose                      35. You're happy with your hair?: most days, i'm looking forward to some highlighting soon
36. You own a dog?: :( I wish                                                           37. You spend your money wisely?: I don't have a choice
38. Do you like to swim?: yup
39. Get bored when you call a friend?: when i get bored, i DO call a friend.
40. Are you patient?:  Yes I believe I am, a life of waiting and trials has taught me that


41. Flowers or Angels?: flowers
42. Gray or Black?: depends i like my gray car but i love black pants
43. Color or black and white photos?: i like them all!                        44. Lust or Love?: Love - b/c you get both the heart and the . . . a. . .well you know
45. Sunrise or Sunset?: either is beautiful and thought-provoking          46. M&Ms or Skittles?: M&M's b/c I am one!


1. Are you in a relationship?: yes and it's amazing!
2. If so, who with?: Michael L. Fisher
3. Sign?: capricorn
4. Do you believe in love at first sight?: nope, first feeling maybe but not first sight
5. What about true love?: definately
6. Have you made out with casual people?: can't say as I have
7. Would you kiss on the first date?: nope
8. Do you look for one night stands?: hmmm NO
9. Do you enjoy recieving flowers?: really, what girl doesn't!?

10. Do you enjoy gifts from your girl/guy?: yes, but that's not what it's all about


1. You have a valentine planned out to have?: yup!                               2. Do you like having a valentine?: yes i do b/c he's AMAZING!
3. Does someone like you currently?: if not he deserves and oscar
4. Are you even worried about the upcoming holiday?: no sir!

what happened to #5 and 6???

7. Is a little kiss (peck on cheek) during school on vday sweet?: a little kiss ANYTIME is sweet!                                                                  8. Have you ever gotten something from someone on the day?: yep
9. Sweetest thing that has happened to you on v-day?: just spending the day with someone you both love and like, no matter what it is.