First Blog! Get excited!

July 01 2005
So yeah, I saw that Emily had one, so I had to get one and yeah...I don't know, I have no life and I sit at my computer all day so I figured why not. So what's up people? I figure it's my first entry...I'll do one of those get to know you survey things.....
What color are your eyes? Green!
What's the color of your hair? Well...Humm...that varries...right now it is kinda blonde, so I'll go with that
How tall are you? Too tall for a girl! Haha, I'm 5'8"
What colors do you usually wear? Ummmm black...I wear a lot of black tops and blue jeans, but I have some pink and green too, I'm not like goth or anything
Style of clothes? comfy. i'm not real prissy or preppy or anything, i just like to be comfortable
Band? I can't pick just one!!!!! Go look at my profile, I did this already!
Movies? I did this too!!!
Singer? Ah music!
Actor? Ooooo I love Nicolas Cage!
Actress? Kirsten Dunst is pretty awesome, so is Drew Barrymore
Hobby? probably writting
Store? what kind of store....i like barns and noble alot, and joann's, and kohl's...dpends what im shopping for!
Food? snow crab....sea food in general is good...yes even sushi!
Drink? hummm...not sure depends on my mood...probably rootbeer from a glass bottle(things always taste different from can...plastic bottle...etc)
Season? fall
Month? october
Day of the week? wed.
Holiday? easter
Word? im a writer, i cant pick just one
Number? 33
Color? black, yes i know its not a color, but its my favorite so suck it
What do people often lable the music you listen to? they don't i listen to everything
Why is your favorite band your favorite? im going to have trouble with this section...
What is your favorite song and why is it your favorite? i dont have 1 favorite song i like so many!!!!!!!!!! but i do really like elton john's someday out of the blue off the road to el dorado soundtrack because it talks about chance and love and i dont know thats so me!
One like form a song that you absolutely love? sometimes i run, somtimes i hide, sometimes im scare of you, but all i really want is to hold you tight
Do you ever cry to music? im a girl...of course i do
Random Questions:
What's your religion? Christian-Pres.
What state do you live in? TN
Are your parents divorced? Nope
Are you still in school? Franktown baby!
Do you get your hair cut at a salon? nope, in a garage
Do you go to many concerts? i would if i could...i LOVE music
What's the most memorable time in your life? i dont know...i have lots that are memorable for different reasons. probably the state meet when i was a not going to write the whoel story...ask sometime if you care
What's one thing you can't live without? paper and pen
Who can you trust the most: i know i can always trust lindsey
Who do you consider your best friend? lindsey
Who do you wish would get off your back? man i hope he doesnt read this...arthur....
Who do you like but hate at different times? scott
who can you hangout with all the time? this is so garrett's question........but now hes in atlanta.... :(
Who's more like you? no one is really like me, i do my own thing
Who listens to the same music as you? i listen to the same music as everyone else, i just like everything so EVERYONE!
Who bugs you alot? i answered this already...
Who do you consider a sister? Lindsey
...a brother? no one

well that was fun......although it didnt ask the fun questions...skinny dipping? yes.... what you like in boys? relaxed, confident, sense of humor what do you want to do with your life? write, etc. etc. oh well if you have a question-ask away!!!