God's beautiful creation!

March 08 2006

I'm pretty sure it felt absolutely amazing today outside!!! I was just looking around and feeling the warmth and thinking about how He made everything in just a week! Doesn't that just blow your mind?! I hope everyone has an awesome week!

be blessed

Garrett Haynes

March 08 2006
wow...what an attractive picture of you and kaitlin!

Becca Hicks

March 08 2006
aw! thanks for the comment! now you know why i want contacts so bad... ah, oh well. just wanted to say that you are soooooo beautiful and i always look forward to seeing your smile in geography (because we all know how incredibly boring it is) in him, [becca]

kaitlin gay

March 10 2006
its amazing to think the one who created the whole entire world, and who tells the waves to move, and ahh.. everything! that the same one loves us so much more than ANYONE ever could.. amazing! well, i am glad that you changed that picture of you and me.. it was not to pretty (haha.. garrett's comment..) we will take some good ones at the amazing concert on april the first!!!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh =) i can not wait, my love! have a wonderful day and i shall talk to you soon! -kait