Top 11 Things of Our Crazy Night!!!!! (FINALLY)

June 29 2006

1. Pro. Who?

2. Stevie Wonder (ABI)

3. Glow Family

4. $4.50 for a glow ball (Me)

5. I can't count

6. Liv was mad (po) b/c she lost to Monoply for the 1st time

7. 2 whoooo games of clue

8. "Booty Bowling"

9. Parents gone = no cerfew= clubbin'

10. i got a 99, abi got a 96 - never

11. ABI can pop the buttox

Garrett Haynes

June 29 2006
i'm not even gonna ask

kristen teeters

June 30 2006
DBS ROCKZZZZ FOREVER!!! WHOOOO (going crazy!) oh man oh man u just wait untill u guys graduate and walk across the stage!!! oh yeah ill be the only one not up there and ill be up in the crowd supporting my fellow sistazzz!! ROCK ON DELTA BETA SIGMA!!! have a great day!!

kristen teeters

July 02 2006
friday was awesome!! we are so doing that again!!! love ya girl!!


July 03 2006
woot woot yaaya haha wow long time ago but still good laughs wow girl ok i'm gonna copy and paste this to my site...I had a blast tonight i'm so glad you got to come and i'll see you tomorrow love ya babe I exited lol you know what haha lol love ya

Garrett Haynes

July 08 2006
I'm gone to NY! I will miss u but i'll take a lot of pics, and i'm sure we will text the whole week haha. Hope ur having fun at the beach right now and have a great week!! ~Garrett