1:34 A.M.~DRAMA

March 17 2006

Well it is now 1:34 exactly!

You know when your mother really cares about you when she stays up til 1:00 in the morning to help you with your english research project!!!! I love you mom!!!!

Anyways i think i'm going to bed. I couldn't get my camera pictures on here b/c i was having problems with me trying to figure out how i did it that one time. sad  i know!

Now i'm in english class and i didn't know that we can get into phusebox at school. Well, i went to bed (like i said at the top) at 2 o'clock in the morning. So, i got like 5 hours and 50 minutes of sleep. I just drank a vault and i feel like i'm about to pass out. I don't know why. most likely b/c i drank a energy drink and yea i really don't know.

Well there is a bunch of DRAMA going on and all i have to say about it is that what people think isn't true. I am not mad at anyone and don't have a reason to be. It is all a misunderstanding! So, come and talk to me about it you know who you are. We all need to work this out before spring break. So lets get rid of the tension between us!!!



March 18 2006
You can cut the tension with a knife. But it would be very hard. Girl I love you sooo... very much and I miss you I feel like I havent seen you in forever well good luck tonight at soccer love ya Abi

kristen teeters

March 19 2006
hey girl! wow i had so much fun with you on formal night with you! lol memories!! well on like everyones phusebox its talking about drama so i just wanted to let you know im praying for you and i hope all this stuff that your talking about gets worked out! if you ever need to talk just know im always here! your so awesome! love you girl! see u monday!!

Garrett Haynes

March 21 2006
Well I hope all is getting better now! Only 4 days till Mexico! You are in my prayers. ~Garrett