March 08 2006

Formal is in like 2 days! woot woot! besides that Life is awful.....too many problems, stress, and pressure! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! IT STinks

Chelsea Turner

March 08 2006
aw mere...i hope things get better for you real soon! im praying for you! i love you so much! just keep smiling!-chels

Garrett Haynes

March 08 2006
yeah i'm in the same boat with u. School is kicking my butt! But formal will be fun! ~Garrett

Whitney Sanders

March 09 2006
I love you!

kaitlin gay

March 10 2006
well, thats no good. im praying for you! formal is going to be amazing!! =) i bet you cant wait.. i saw your dress when i was taking a shower the other day.... beautiful!! ahh-i cant wait to see pictures! love you-kaitlin