Lots of Turkey! Happy holidays!

November 26 2005

Hey! I'm better! woo hoo! That was the worst stuff to have...i had a 103 fever and yea it was gross!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone  and really count your blessings! God has blessed us so much with friends, family, health, good athletic skills, and lots more! We should thank him for everythng he has done and give him all the props and glory for this! And i thought about this the other night as i was saying prayers....What if we said Happy Thanksgiving to God or merry Chritmas to him...or ask him how his day has been what would he say?!? I thought that was really cool

My family and i went to opry mills the other day. It was a bunch of fun and we had a blast to tell them what we want for christmas and what they want too.

Today me and Abi went to the mall here to find a skirt for her. but we didn't :-( bummer........we ran into Garrett who was buying a shirt for himself at Finish Line. And then we went everywhere and eventually everyone came that was in town. BUt then i had to leave so Abi had to leave cuz the girls were gone so ......

I went to eat turkey at my grandmother's house and  my dad and brother cooked duck that they shot. poor thing. it tasted like roast beef... i couldn't finish it.yuck! Then Whitney and i went to see Just Friends! It was so funny and guys u missed out. it wasn't a chick flick! But we will have to go see Walk the Line! It was amazing too and i'm going to buy it!

I have to get my teeth pulled next tuesday! Yuck! I'm scared but i won't feel a thing hopefully cuz i will be out of it if u tknow what i mean.

Well that is all for now!



ami driver

November 26 2005
you're too cute! love you.. hey-- why do you write so big? just wonderin.. =)

Garrett Haynes

November 26 2005
Oh I hope its not your wisdom teeth...it sucks getting those taken out. I got some teeth pulled one time and they didn't wait untill all of the numbing medicine kicked in....OUTCH. Anyways, have a great week see u tomorrow at church. In Christ - Garrett

Jason Thacker

November 27 2005
I hope that you had a great Turkey Day weekend. Hopefully I will meet you sometime soon, when I come back home

Garrett Haynes

December 02 2005
Hey just wanted to say happy birthday since I wasn't at school today. Happy 17th! Talk to you soon. In Christ ~ Garrett

Garrett Haynes

December 06 2005
Yeah those lightsaber things are awesome! Lol I want one of those. Can't wait till Saturday. See u soon. In Christ ~ Garrett

Garrett Haynes

December 11 2005
Yeah it was fun! That movie was really good. We'll do something again really soon. Hopefully next weekend or after mid-terms one day or something since we get out early.Thanks for being concerned about me spinning out in my car haha. I guess I need to pay better attention. But God is good to me I guess. You need to update by the way! See u soon. ~ Garrett