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November 15 2005

Hey Guys! It has truly been a while! Anyways, school is going good. My report card wasn't as good as it should be.... I hope i don't get into trouble with that. :-( Our select soccer team went to Indiana for our 1st soccer tournament. We have gained a bunch of new players so we aren't good.......yet!!! We played 3 games and we lost all of them :-( and on top of that we didn't score, but we played the #1 team in the state and the 3 or 4th team too. The 3rd game we played was just plain crap. We  should have won but they had to score........But it was all good cuz i lived there for 4 yrs. and i got to see my old home and stuff. But when we went into our nieghborhood ( ya know the tornado went through Evansville) So we saw that our nighborhood had been hit but our house was ok  so that was cool.

well, talking about birthdays......mine is in like........19 more days~2 weeks and 5 days~456 hours~ 27360 minutes~ and 2736000 seconds~

I can't believe i figured it out but yea that is a bunch of #'s  and a lot of time!

Here are some cool kids in some pictures!

Kelsey Buck and Sydney

Some Cool girls at the mall

Me in some crazy glasses!!!

Me and Rachel!!!

Jenny and the monkey george!

The girls at Bo Bo's!

Bad Fad night!

Me and Garrett! Those Hippies!!

Garrett Haynes

November 15 2005
great pictures!


November 16 2005
Ha Ha hey that pic of you with the glasses made my eyes water that was great wow lol well I havent seen you yet and I really miss you so we should do something tonight love ya girl call me Abi


November 16 2005
oh and mere i'm so pround you finaly got some pics on your site way to go lol j/k love ya Abi