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April 01 2006

if i were a ____ ; i would be ____

month -- March( my b-day)
day -- friday
time -- 12:00Am
planet -- The Sun, I'm hot hot hot
sea animal -- A shark cuz I'm sneaky and dangerous lol
furniture -- Love Seat(I'm full of love)
liquid -- Water ( healthly for u )
tree -- Cherry Blossom
stone -- Diamond (girls best friend )
bird -- A Blue Bird
weapon -- HMMM a candle stick, in the ball room
flower -- Daisy
weather -- Sun Shine
instrument -- Piano I love that sound
animal -- Kiola( cuz I'm cute and cuddle lol)
color -- PINK my favorite color
emotion -- LOVE
sound -- Waves
shoe -- Heel , gotta look good
book -- DOING IT( Good book)
body part -- Booty, cuz mine is so fine lol