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August 21 2006


April 21 2006


Graduation is so close, I can feel the time of a new begining vastly aproaching.

This blog is basically a comment for my last blog

April 05 2006
I have a friend that is in the same situation at Oakland. He likes a girl from his church, but she told him that she doesn't want a boyfriend. Now, he tries to keep being a friend to her, but she hardly talks to him anymore; except when she says says hi to him. So now he makes it look like he doesn't like her anymore when in reality, he has fallen for her. He knows that she doesn't like him like that, but he still likes her. He used to try to be so nice to her that he would ALWAYS offer to carry her books, walk to class with her, and be someone that she could pray with, but he kinda feels like he shouldn't even try to be her friend anymore.

What do you call a person who likes you but pretends that they don't?

April 04 2006

What do you call a friend that doesn't want you to know that they still like you, even when you told them that you weren't ready for a boyfriend yet?