phusebox sux.

June 01 2006

yeah.its really boring. im pretty sure i love summer. i had fun at the river last weekend. yeah. i played in the what?!!?!?.lolso im silly. but hey i have fun.lolashley loves trees.lolmyself.

if u have aim im me=babilove329

my myspace is


May 15 2006
 yeah phusebox is kinda boring. i am in love with myspace.but yeah.

urg urg urg

April 24 2006 i dont know what to say.&&for people who wanna know i dont hate my life.i hate the drama.okay?okay!dang to day was boring.slept in all my owrk for me today.damn spanish test tomorrow.sld i study*ponders*.um idk im gonna go.bye byes.

Much love

dude.ash made this for i guess its cool.

April 23 2006

hey yeah so weekend pretty much to im goin' now.

much love.