December 30 2005

We've been busy with projects, Christmas being one of them of course.  Jeremy and I pulled a "while you were out - christmas" stunt on Harrison.  One Saturday while he was with the g-parents, we re-did his nursery and now it's a Big-boy room!  I'm coping pretty well.  He has a new bed and we painted the room bright yellow!  New bedding too. Much fun!

Next project, the up-coming birthday party!!!

Nathan Moore

December 30 2005
very nice!


December 30 2005
The Thomas the Train bed is so adorable!!!! Harrison must love it! Hope y'all had a great Christmas!


December 30 2005
i wish i had that bed when i was little, heck i wish i had that bed now

Matt Beck

December 31 2005
Cousin... Merry Christmas, I heard about the Thomas that he can actually ride!!!!!!! VERY COOL (i'm jealous)