God is so good

November 05 2006

Give Thanks!
I'm so grateful for the health of our family & for the blessings we have and take for granted each day - full tummies, vehicles, a warm home. 

Some recent pics:

Mommy (me) and Spencer

We started solids this month. :o)


Daddy and his boys

Happy Harvest!!!

7 lbs, 6 oz. 19 1/2 inches long

July 01 2006

Spencer Lawson entered the world on June 28, 2006 at 2:54 am.  We are so happy to have him at home now.  Big brother is very proud. 

Everyone is healthy and doing well.  I'm recovering so much faster than I did with Harrison.   Jeremy's still babying me, though. I have to say I appreciate it.

Delivered this little guy with no meds.  He came really really fast.  Whoo!  (Ouch, to say the least.) 


June 04 2006
Baby turned on his own.  This is definitely the best senerio.  We are very proud parents - our littlest one is so obedient.  :o)
Any time now!!!

4 weeks and counting!

June 01 2006

Yikes.  We have much to do and very little time to go. 
First on the list:

Get this baby to turn.  He's breech right now. We have an appointment tomorrow to confirm.  Hopefully he's turned - sonogram will show us.

It's all in God's hands.  I really want to deliver "normally" like I did Harrison but this pregnancy has been anything but normal!!!


May 06 2006

Man, this baby's bumpin' me (that's what Harrison calls it) as I type this.  Sometime's he kinda hurts. 

Harrison and I traveled with my mom, Granny, and sis-in-law to St. Charles, MO last weekend to meet with my mom's sisters and my cousins.  We had a terrific time, besides the traveling-with-young-child woes.

Grrrr. Feminists make me angry.

March 22 2006

'Mommy Wars': To Work or Stay at Home?

Feb. 22, 2006 — An alarming number of college-educated women are leaving the work force to stay at home and raise their children, a trend that is a tragedy not only for the mothers, but ultimately their children and women as a whole.

So said law professor and working mom Linda Hirshman in a 2005 article for American Prospect magazine that has ignited an intense debate among mothers.

Census figures show 54 percent of mothers with a graduate or professional degree no longer work full time. In 2003 and 2004 Hirshman interviewed about 30 women whose wedding announcements had appeared in The New York Times in 1996 and who had had children. Five of the women were working full time, and 10 were working part time. The rest were not working at all.

"We care because what they do is bad for them, is certainly bad for society, and is widely imitated, even by people who never get their weddings in the Times," Hirshman wrote. "This last is called the 'regime effect,' and it means that even if women don't quit their jobs for their families, they think they should and feel guilty about not doing it."

Hirshman also said educated women choosing to stay home was bad for them as individuals.

"A good life for humans includes the classical standard of using one's capacities for speech and reason in a prudent way, the liberal requirement of having enough autonomy to direct one's own life, and the utilitarian test of doing more good than harm in the world," Hirshman wrote. "Measured against these time-tested standards, the expensively educated, upper-class moms will be leading lesser lives."

A great counter to that message, I pasted below:

(from Boundless, a webzine)

by Bethany Patchin

Mothering is a career choice that is rarely respected. We should recognize and affirm women who opt to invest time in their children. The Bible is clear that sons and daughters are among the greatest blessings we will ever receive.

A friend of mine once said his greatest desire is to create something beautiful and lasting. That stuck with me. I want to create a beautiful and lasting marriage with a man, and with that man I want to bear and rear children, which are the most exquisite and eternal creations we humans can take part in fashioning. Architects design buildings that will someday fall, programmers construct computer software that will eventually be obsolete — but fathers and mothers cultivate souls that will never die. How wonderful to experience just an inkling of what God feels as our Father.

When I am old and I look at my wrinkled hands, I want to know that the creases came from — among many things — years of playing music, reading books, drawing pictures and writing stories. But my greatest hope is that those lines will remind me most of hours spent washing my babies’ and grandbabies’ tummies, tucking them into bed and teaching them what I have learned.

Maybe, once I've tucked my precious 3-year-old in bed, I'll have time to write my own commentary.  For now I'll just say, I am PRIVELEDGED beyond what words could express to be the full-time caregiver for our son.  There's nothing I'd rather do.  And I would consider myself a well-educated, intelligent adult who contributes greatly to society.


March 18 2006

Harrison's rather sick. Bad.
So sick, he's waking up at night for hours at a time, screaming.  Very Bad.
I'm craving junk food.  Bad.
My tummy's getting bigger.  Good.
Jeremy says we need to take a picture soon.  ?Eh?

Valentine's Day

February 15 2006

My dear husband spoiled me this year!

My favorite boquet flower!

A new couch!!! Yay! Delivered to our home on Valentine's Day.  I spent all morning deep-cleaning the room and polishing the floors, rearranging furniture and pictures. I'm so happy!

I made a heart-shaped cake for our MOPS meeting.  It was really easy.  Just a 9x9 square turned to a diamond, then 2 halves of a 9" circle for the heart tops.  Very fun.

We also celebrated on Sunday night with dinner at Olive Garden.  YUM!!!

The Lord has quite the sense of humor!!!

January 27 2006
Funny Story:

I had a "women's" doctor's appointment yesterday at 9 am. I was over-due for my yearly exam. And had a small concern.

Apparently, when the following symptoms occur . . .

frequent bathroom stops (I thought I was drinking too much carbonation.)

insatiable hunger (duh . . . the holidays.) fatigue (Ahem, I'm the mother of a three-year-old.)

missed cycles (well, I have no good excuse here except that my regular doctor explained that was due to some changing of my regular prescriptions.)

a few specific cravings (Jeremy can defend me here; this is not so abnormal.)

. . . one might be pregnant. Or in my case . . . 18 WEEKS PREGNANT and in total denial. I even told the nurse, "I'm not pregnant." So, when she showed me the positive test, she asked, "How do you explain this???" Can you believe I responded with, "Maybe my hormones are just a little out-of-wack?" Seriously, until the doppler hit my belly and we instantly heard heart rhythms, I was unconvinced. I said, "Well, you can't fake the heart beat at my navel!!!" I had the nurse, the sonogram-girl (?), and my midwife laughing all morning, along with me. Though I received a few unkindly glares from the other pregnant women in the office. I think I'm still up around cloud #15 or something. When the sonogram ruled the baby's age: 18 weeks, 3 days, 0.53 pounds - Jeremy and I looked at each other in total disbeliefAnd I felt badly, like I've neglected this little one for 4 months!!! Very healthy baby, though! Very happy and shocked mommy and daddy. Very ANXIOUS Harrison, who believes he's housing a little one in his own belly too.

We are due ON MY BIRTHDAY, June 26, 2006Nearly 1/2-way through!!! 
YEAH, truly, I'm not showing yet.  That another miracle!

Birthday Party

January 16 2006

What a fun day!  We held Harrison's 3rd Bday party on Saturday afternoon, Jan. 14th.
I baked the cake for the party and a personal cake for the Birthday boy.  It was much fun!

Harrison's very own cake.

It was very yummy.

H. and his bestest buddy, Sam.

Harrison (ahem). I mean, Woody, of course!
:o)  Giddy-up!

3 years ago today . . .

January 07 2006

I had a terrible ordeal delivering Harrison.  I won't go into all the details except to say I pushed (yes, PUSHED) for 3 hours.  This is not normal and most doctors would probably required a c-section though Harrison's vitals were fine.  Glad I didn't have to go that route!
A healthy baby boy: 8 pounds, 10 oz., 21 inches long, with a terrific cone head born today, Jan. 7, 2003.

Looking much better on day 3!

We decided to celebrate at "the Monkey Store" (Rainforest Cafe) today with the grandparents.

We're still working on making the number three.  It's not easy!

Yay!  Blow out the candles!

New Year/New Bedroom

January 01 2006

This picture was taken around 2 am.  When you're near 30 it's quite amazing to be alert at this hour. 
I'm very thankful for Godly men like Wade and Doug (left and center) who are great friends of my husband. 

The new bedroom! 
It's understandable he doesn't want to sleep anymore.  We have college hours now: asleep at 1 am, up around 9:30 - 10. 


December 30 2005

We've been busy with projects, Christmas being one of them of course.  Jeremy and I pulled a "while you were out - christmas" stunt on Harrison.  One Saturday while he was with the g-parents, we re-did his nursery and now it's a Big-boy room!  I'm coping pretty well.  He has a new bed and we painted the room bright yellow!  New bedding too. Much fun!

Next project, the up-coming birthday party!!!


December 08 2005

11 inches of snow here in Kansas City.  It is BEAUTIFUL!!!  Jeremy's off work!
We bundled Harrison in his little snow suit and had tons of fun this morning in the "sparkling" snow.  Since temps have been below 15, the snow is like powder = no frosty construction.  boo. 

i made french toast for lunch and have a pot roast in the crockpot for dinner!  yum!!!

Thanksgiving story

November 27 2005

Harrison has learned many songs in his three years on this earth one of which is the "Five Fat Turkeys" song.  My family and I encouraged him all day Thursday to sing this (he has sung the song solo many times) - we were unsuccessful.  My Aunt Gini called us later in the evening and Harrison talked with her on the phone.  After greeting, "Hi Aunt Gini.  Happy Thanksgiving," he suddenly broke into "Five fat turkeys are we . . ."!!!!  Not a dry eye in the room!

Worship and Thankfulness

November 19 2005

In the spirit of all things "Turkey-day"  . . .

I am thankful for:
My dear Savior!  For his death and resurrection; his taking my place on that scorned tree, 2000 years ago.  For the security of my place in eternity.

My precious husband! He's so supportive of our family.  He encourages me to be the best wife and mommy I can possibly be.  We make many sacrafices so that I may stay home and raise our son and I'm very grateful!!!

Our wonderful son! I'm most thankful for his health and personality.  He's such a gracious child.  I pray he will grow to be a young man humbled by the power of God.

The Freedom we have in this country to worship freely, in spirit and in truth.  (John 4)

Aunt Gini

November 15 2005
Tho I don't have an update on the procedure, I wanted to post my Aunt Gini had surgery this morning to remove a cancerous spot on her breast.  She will begin a 6-week radiation treatment, after recovering.

"No more ears, momma . . . "

November 14 2005

 . . . but he actually THANKED the Doctor!  Maybe he's a bit delirious. (?)
Harrison has an ear infection.  It's been at least a year since the last one and I'm thanking the Lord for that!  Jeremy and his 2 brothers had tubes by their 2nd birthdays, so we knew from conception H. would be prone to otitis media. Once we pump the meds into him, he should be much better. 

Kyle Lake

November 11 2005

I didn't know Kyle Lake, pastor of UBC, Waco, TX (David Crowder's church) but have been deeply grieved by his tragic death - electrocution in baptismal waters, the morning of Oct. 30, 2005.

Kyle Lake, Ben Dudley, David Crowder (Jan. 2005)

Found this at Christianity Today:

"We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to His purpose." Romans 8:28 NRSV

The New American Standard translates Romans 8:28 in this way: "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose" (emphasis mine). In other words, the passage has a different feel because, in the verse, God has been placed before "all things," rather than "all things" being placed before God.

"Good" does not always mean "good" by our standards. Instead, "good" by God's standards has to do with the continual process of becoming a learner of Christ where our lives are being formed into people of humility, compassion, self-control, respect, patience, contentment, etc. It has to do with learning the very best way to live. If we open our eyes and our hearts during the most difficult times in our lives, then even in those times, God can bring about some of the most beautiful things within and around us.

So in light of chapter 8, I would interpret Romans 8:28 as saying this: "Disappointment, failure, and suffering are simply facts of life. But for those who are actively following God, He can turn disappointment and tragedy into new life."

from Understanding God's Will: How to Hack the Equation Without Formulas (Relevant, 2004) by Kyle Lake.

Manuscript of the sermon Kyle was to deliver that morning:

I think God is saying to each of us, "Abandon your plans of escape. And Be where you are. Plant gardens and live and live well." I don't know what your planting gardens may look like but let me end there by trying to provide a glimpse into what that may be like: 

Live. And Live Well.

BREATHE. Breathe in and Breathe deeply.
Be PRESENT. Do not be past.
Do not be future. Be now.

On a crystal clear, breezy 70 degree day, roll down the windows and FEEL the wind against your skin. Feel the warmth of the sun.

If you run, then allow those first few breaths on a cool Autumn day to FREEZE your lungs and do not just be alarmed, be ALIVE.

Get knee-deep in a novel and LOSE track of time.

If you bike, pedal HARD… and if you crash then crash well.

Feel the SATISFACTION of a job well done—a paper well-written, a project thoroughly completed, a play well-performed.

If you must wipe the snot from your 3-year old's nose, don't be disgusted if the Kleenex didn't catch it all… because soon he'll be wiping his own.

If you've recently experienced loss, then GRIEVE. And Grieve well.

At the table with friends and family, LAUGH.
If you're eating and laughing at the same time, then might as well laugh until you puke.
And if you eat, then SMELL.
The aromas are not impediments to your day. Steak on the grill, coffee beans freshly ground, cookies in the oven.
And TASTE. Taste every ounce of flavor. Taste every ounce of friendship.

Taste every ounce of Life. Because-it-is-most-definitely-a-Gift.


November 11 2005

i just learned my aunt (dad's sister) has breast cancer.  her surgery is tuesday.  then chemo for 6 weeks. 

please pray.  thank you.