October 21 2005
I love my friends so much and i miss them really bad
But i'm glad that 2 of them are moveing here in 12 weeks
And the onther 3 already lived by me but i still miss them them really  bad too and then there is 1 who will not be moving and he lives far away which is sad=(
i'm bored very bored i think i'm gunna go eat cause i didn't eat yesterday or today yet
and also i am yet STILL sick with this nasty cold/flu
i have used all Klenex and now i have to resort to Paper towel at least it's Brawny
Go to that site it's FUN

Later Days

now sir that was some fancy pants punching

October 18 2005
lol i got it working!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks to friend Stacey
i lvoe her she rocks!

well now

October 18 2005