my car hates me

December 13 2006
but duct tape has fixed almost everything but the windshield...and i kind of avoided talking about it with my dad by bringing up my A in geometry... will i be allowed to drive ever again? i dont know... i guess it depends on what kind of mood my dad is in later...


October 28 2006

goodbye marching band.

see you next year.


people can be so cruel.

October 02 2006

three deadly school shootings in one week.

what is the world coming to?


September 27 2006
HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


September 14 2006
tuesday october the 3rd + me + the great open road + my truck - my parents = FREEDOM!


September 04 2006
first maynard. now steve. who's next?


September 02 2006

sometimes i just want to spend friday nights in my room, spending quiet time with myself.

but of course, my friday nights are the exact opposite of that.

which makes me sad.

really sad.


August 25 2006

rest in peace, maynard.

edit: maynard ferguson was the most amazing trumpet player in the world...he was a legend. but he died aug. 23.


August 01 2006
gah, i love band. i just dont love heat. but its ok. because i still have one more day before the marching begins...


July 17 2006

I WANT A KITTEN. i want my brother to get me a kitten! but apparently the only person he will get a kitten for is his girlfriend!



June 19 2006

me: so i was watching ellen degeneres and there was this adorable little asian prodigy kid telling jokes.....i wanted to give him a hug.

brad: you hang out with grace and mady way to much

me: what?

brad: "i wanted to give him a hug" sounds like something they would say...

me: hmm...well ok....whatever....

i found this little conversation amusing...

i hate life

June 09 2006
it sure does suck when you havent even finished drivers ed yet and you've already wrecked your parents car...

ah, funny latin dorks

April 22 2006

who knew that it could be be a latin dork.

but hey, i got third in the mosaics yeeah.


April 10 2006
i hate school. i hate rhody. i hate makeup worke. everyone should just die....especially mrs. coddington...and rhody.


April 04 2006


April 04 2006

ah, chicago

March 18 2006
the windy city was nice...but we spent way to much time in the museum.


February 12 2006
so i dont think i'm going to use phusebox anymore.... maybe occasionally...but not often


January 29 2006
matthew broderick is amazing.