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A CHANGE OF PACE, A DAY IN ATTICA, a dozen furies, THE ACADEMY IS..., ALEXISONFIRE, ALKALINE TRIO, the all-american rejects, AMERICAN HI-FI, ashlee simpson (just cause shes hot), the ataris, barenaked ladies, beastie boys, black eyed peas, BLINK-182, THE BLOOD BROTHERS (hahahaha), bloodhound gang, BRAND NEW!, cake, chingy, COHEED AND CAMBRIA!!!, collective soul, damien rice, DANE COOK. FUCKING HILARIOUS, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL, death cab for cutie, diskreet, eminem, the faction, the faint, FALL OUT BOY, five times august, gatsby's american dream, good charlotte, gorrillaz, green day, group x, HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS, HEAD AUTOMATICA, hot hot heat, i am the avalanche, INCUBUS, jay-z, jimi hendrix, jimmy eat world, limp bizkit, linkin park, LIT, living end, liz phair, LOSTPROPHETS, MORNING WOOD, my chemecal romance, new found glory, nick o'neill, nirvana, oasis, the offspring, PANIC! AT THE FUCKING DISCO!! Wo0o0o0o0o, papa roach, pearl jam, phantom planet, PLAIN WHITE T'S, pillar, P.O.D., the presedents of the united states, RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, THE RED HOT CHILLI PEPPERS, real big fish, rise against, SENSES FAIL, sneaker pimps, SOMTHING CORPERATE, THE SPILL CANVAS!!!!, spitalfield, STORY OF THE YEAR, STRAYLIGHT RUN, sublime, SUGARCULT, SUM 41, switchfoot, SYSTEM OF A DOWN, TAKING BACK SUNDAY, three days grace, third eye blind, THURSDAY, TYLER READ, the used, UNDEROATH, WEERD SCIENCE, WEEZER, white stripes, YELLOWCARD, zox, i play guitar, bass guitar, piano, and drums. i cant use my feet with the drums. im not THAT skilled, but the others im pretty good at. im making songs too... and i got a few huge ass fender amps that are taller than i am, with an awsome marshal and a cheap peavey to acompany it, a 17 inch subwooffer, a video ipod... my fender starcaster electric guitar, my washburn xb100 bass, my mapex drums, my washburn original acoustic, my harrington upright piano... and my dad has this gibson that i love to steal :D

new song written and played by me

January 16 2006

woot woot

the timing is sorta weird with the second part, but whatever. mesage me and tell me what you think. ill send the lyrics if you want also...

i wrote it a while ago and never got around to recording it.
im 13, remember, and this was done in half an hour.
the timeing is a little off in the second part of the song... but thats bout it.
if you want, message me and ill send you the lyrics, which im also very proud of

please tell me what you think

new girlfriendd. and i just had the second best day of my life

January 16 2006
this isnt a lame "repost this with the title 'i got a bf/gf'" thing.
we've dated before, i havnt stopped loving her since. its been 9 months. you have no idea or any way of knowing how much she has changed my life for the better. this is really the most important person in my life right now... and i love her more than a 13 year old should...
her names erica... you can check her myspace out, its

so basicly, the point of this entry was to tell you all the news, and to put a smile on her face when she reads this. cause i lovee you sweetheart. whatever makes you happy, you bet your beautiful face i'll do whatevere i can to get you there.

i cant wait till tomarow when i see you again. lets have some MAJOR fun, k?
and you know satuday went perfect. of corse it did. i mean, we ARE the nobody couple, arnt we? :D

i love the way you say the cutest thing, and then i cant stop smiling at you afterward. i love the way that whenever i feel down, you make me happy by just asking me how you can make me feel better. i love the way you love me. because its never felt so right before. never felt so perfectly aranged...

theres no one else for me right now. theres a reason i stopped myself from dating anyone else for the past few months. my mind was hooked on you. so was my heart.
DAMNIT this feels so fucking good. you made my yearrrr
what a way to end 05, what a way to start 06.

i love how i can love you and not have to worry about telling you anything in the world. do anything with you. love you to my fullest. i dont think ill find anyone quite like you for a very long time...

i gotta get to bed. i actualy have to see erica tomarow wayy early in the morning. and its on the verge of hitting 1 oclock. so basicly...

i love you, everyting about you, and everything you do. the way you look, feel, smell, kiss...
theres so much more. i have to stop myself from making it all public. ill be sure to tell you about it later ;)

i ? you

and only you...
sweet dreams


January 11 2006
new to phusebox... my myspace is actualy quite more interesting, even though its fucking slow, and has only 12 pictures, with only like 3 of me.
so i decided to try this out