{exposed} it's not what you think

June 02 2006

i got my yearbook today! my own edition of POHAKU MAKAMAE, the name of the yearbook at campbell. i have decided that i probly want to stay at campbell next year. it would be more convenient, and i know people there.

i am so bored. in an effort to solve my problem, i am going to go.



May 26 2006
i am so bored. i might go to the mall on monday, since monday is memorial day. so, yah. we will probly go to pearlridge on monday, me and someone else. i dont even care if its my sister. i need to go somewhere. i cant stand to be bored like this, and if i stay here, my mother (who cant do anything right now, due to pain from surgery) will tell me to clean everything in sight. i cant clean. im allergic to it. ..bOreD.. school is almost out! i am happy, even though everyone in the boro i think has already gotten out, and eveeryone in cali has i think. people in hawaii dont get out till next week, and then its different for every school. so dumb. okay, well imma go now. alohas..


May 13 2006

i had a party at school yesterday.

i woke up at 5 am to meet my friend at her house so we could buy food. never doing that again.

i want to go to the beach today. last time i was at the beach was choke time ago. and it was waikiki and it consisted of me walking through the sand. so it doesnt count.

i am so bored. i don tknow why. i did a lot of cruzing with my friends this week. and it was at the grocery store. sad, yeah?  iapplied for a job at mcd's, and baskin robins, but i dont want to work at baskin robbins. scooping ice cream? not my thing.

i read an article in the paper today, it was talking about theives stealing the copper wire that allows the signs on the freeway to lite up. so the lights have been out for months.

i have to go. bye


May 01 2006

i went to waikele yesterday and i have concluded that:

the outlet mall sux.

i went there because i was bored from lack of doing anything over hte weekend. my sister went with me, with her ipod, i dont know why i didnt bring mine. i was bored. we went into vans, borders, radioshack, borders, and basking robins. oh and mcdonalds. boring.

i went to school today. when do i not go to school? we only have a month left, we get out july 5, and then we go back july 28. so short, yeah? hawaii has not had a unified school calendar for decades. now we are year-round schools. i dont like it. but we do get llonger breaks inbetween the year. all i know is that i am officially a sophomore next year, blackman gave me my credits sometime over the term.

okay, i have to go.

bye bye bye bye bye

my day

April 24 2006

i had an okay day. first period was good, because miss was back, and we learned about "case studies."

second period was easy.

third period was boring.

fourth period was when i found out my grades:

Biology - A

Algebra - A

English - A

History - B

i am out to get mr akiyama for that B. i deserve an A. oh well.

not much else to type. i didnt go downtown that one day. i didnt want to.

okay, bye, now.


bad day

April 20 2006

i had a bad day.

i didnt do anything first period. literally, i sat there for an hour and a half. second period, my ipod was stolen. we found it in a rubbish can. who would do that? third period was the same as first period. fourth period was just plain boring. and i had a headache the last part of the day.

i hope tomorrow is better. i have to go to kapolei tomorrow. i have to go downtown on saturday. more details then.



.:okay day:.

April 07 2006

i had an okay day. it started out bad, but i the end, it was cool.

the bad thing was i got on the city bus, and when we start to go, the driver slams on the breaks, and a lot of people scream. thankfully, i had my ipod in my ear, but i could still hear them.

then, my ipod had died. which sucks.

but, in first pd., we made dna models with red vines and gummi-bears. and we got to eat them.

second pd. was normal.

third period was okay.

fourth pd was actually good today, becuase we didn't do notes. we watched a movie, then had a "class discussion," mainly about waikiki beach and weather, and a little bit of talk about hawaii, polynesia, and james cook (what we should have been talking about all pd.).

so, my day wasnt horrible. it was still boring, but i got used to boring days a long time ago.

okay, im out. aloha

my day was boring, but when are they interesting...?

April 05 2006

........................ nothing to write about.

oh! the most interesting part of my day was i woke up ten minutes after i was supposed to leave. i was late to school, but it really wasn't my fault. i did wake up late, and i did get to the bus stop late, but the bus should have been there on time. if the bus was on time, i would have sat down in my eat as the bell rang. but, the bus was like five minutes late, and i was five minutes because of it. wow.

also, i figured out something: the road to the freeway (and eventually to town) is so congested with traffic in the morning. and it's because the lights on o‘ahu are on timers. no signals involved. and that sucks. it should be updated. so, traffic was stopped for ever. it takes two hours to drive four miles to the freeway, because most of the people on the island work someplace downtown or so.

we are getting a target. theres gonna be one in kapolei (hopefully), downtown, and mililani (thats only if they find land, which there is plenty of in kapolei). i actually like target. its cool.

i want to go to the library. but my mom wont let me. she thinks it takes too long to get there and back, but its just down by school. a five minute bus ride. whatever.

well, im out.


the first day back to school

April 03 2006


i returned to school today. it was boring. i fell asleep a lot, due to the past week of staying up late, and sleeping in. i went to sleep early yesterday, and woke up early. but, i was exhausted.

first period was okay. we had an activity, i used my genetics paired up with a partner (i was unfortunate enough to be one of the many pairs that were both males, but at least i was the father). here is what our baby will look like:

round face, round chin, medium brown skin, straight hair, dark brown hair, bushy eyebrows, no unibrow, black eyebrows, avg distance between eyes, large eyes, almond-shaped eyes, upward-slanted eyes, long eyelashes, hazel eyes, avg mouth size, thin lips, one dimple, large nose, straight nose, narrow nostrils, attached earlobe, many freckles. ugly, ya?

we started the modern history of hawai'i today in history. we watched two movies on polynesia. the only thing i learned was polynesia was roughly in the shape of a triangle, with new zealand to the south, easter islands (chile) to the southeast, and hawai'i to the north. everything inbetween those islands are part of polynesia, like samoa, tonga, tahiti, fiji, places lahdat.

im so tired. i am pau for the day.



i just saw like two mistakes, one completely random word, and saying something stupid. they were both corrected, the random word was taken out, and the other mistake was fixed.



March 31 2006
i have a snapshot tester account! it looks to work great, but ive uploaded only one pic. more to come!

the day ahead...

March 30 2006

tomorrow is a kinda busy day... i have to go to two places.

first off, the dentist. i hate dentists. i dont know why. i think its because they schedule appts. at 9 AM!

next, i have to go... to another dentist! but, this one is farther away, and for my mother. i have to go because i know how to get there. if i didn't go, she might get off at the wrong stop.

then, we have to clean. clean clean clean. why cant the house clean itself? that would be so much better. i guess its something to do, though.

wow, i just found out that TheBus, honolulu's bus transit system, is offering WiFi internet access on the express route from UH. yay, sprint!

i have to go to sleep, because of dentist trip #1.




March 28 2006
i cant believe im saying this, but i cant wait until spring break is over.

Spring Break

March 17 2006
for the next 2 weeks, we dont have school!!!!!


March 09 2006


i am bored. my mom goes to Lahaina (Maui) tomorrow. i have to go to school tomorrow.

i got an iPod for my 15th birthday... white 1 gig iPod nano.

mr akiyama is so stupid... we were in the library doing research, and it's like 2 sec before the bell rings, and we are all anxious to go home. well, in this 2 seconds, he decides we were too loud. so he walks us out of the library, the bell rings, and then tells us we can't leave. we have to go to his classroom for something. half the people left. i almost did, i didnt want a referral tho.

there was a huge fight yesterday... sent the school into lockdown during third period. we missed fourth period, but we did get to go home. the honolulu police were here and arrested 10 people. thats Campbell High for you. those guys from Kalihi comin to our school to fight... why would you want to ride a city bus for an hour to fight people?

there was a fight today... we were on our way to 4th period and there was a fight on the hall. the teacher fell onto the ground... i dont know why, though. she wasnt involved in the fight.

i need to go to the library. my book is due next week, and i am done with it.

well, i got to go.



February 18 2006


My day was weird.

First period... We were reading chapter 4, when all of a sudden we hear Shantel's phone being turned off, and Mrs. Hosino tells her to bring it to her. Shantel walks out of class, and Mrs. Hosino cusses her out.

Second Period... We actually behaved like civilized people. We didn't throw anything at Mrs. Domen (Not that I ever did, but some people throw paper and crap like that at her), and nobody cussed her out or anything.

Lunch: It started with Me, Sharon, Shyna, Courtney, and those other people. Then, those other people start talking crap about Melanie, and me and Courtney go and tell her. Then, Everybody (except for me, Melanie, and Melanie's friend) yell at Courtney for not knowing what she was talking about (which, I am pretty sure Courtney was right in the first place). Melanie storms off, Courtney runs off, and Sharon, Shyna, and those other people talk crap about Courtney, while I listen.

Third Period: Nothing interesting.

Fourth Period: Same ol', same ol'. Mr. Akiyama makes us do our outline, threatens to keep us after class, w/e.

After school: We get on the city bus to go home. We get home.

That was my day, not too bad, but I am tired of listening to "those other people."

i am up too early..............

February 03 2006

i am so tired. today is friday. i have to be up in half an hour, but oops! im already up. at 526 AM. 926 in TN, though.

We are going to Kmart sometime this weekend in Kapolei because the one in Waikele sucks, and Walmart Sucks. We went to Waikele the other day, like 2 days ago, and I got a migraine. I was miserable.

My dad came in from the ship yesterday, like right as we sat down to eat dinner. It scared us to death, he opened the door and slammed it shut. We were all like "What?!" Then he walked down the stairs to the living room, and then dropped his stuff and sat down to eat.

I do not want to go to school today. I do not want to get on a crowded city bus today. I do not want to face my teachers today.

Anyway, I have to go.

Aloha kakahiaka (Good morning)


Our wonderful day... NOT

January 16 2006

It started out this morning when I woke up at 8. We didn't have any milk, so I ate something else, I can't even remember that far away. I might go to sleep soon. Anyway, my mom woke up, or I guess I woke her up, because I wanted to go to Waikele to get something from Borders, since Barnes and Noble was all the way in Honolulu. We got on TheBus, transferred in Waipahu, then got to North Waipahu, aka Waikele. The Outlet Mall of Oahu. We got there, ate at Little Caesers, then went into Old Navy to get my sister some pants, and my mom could exchange something. Then, we went into Big Kmart, which was small, and I got bored, so I went to Borders. We then decided to go home, so we waited for TheBus, for like 20 minutes. We got home, and then my dad went to Kailua to where his "friend" is staying. And he took Chloe, my dog, with him.

That was my day. My feet hurt.



January 14 2006

Aloha, all

Today has been pretty good so far. My dad flew in from San Diego today, but then he went straight to North Shore.

We got on TheBus to Waipahu, then transferred to another bus to get to Wal*Mart. We had to wait like 30 minutes for a bus to pick us up to take us to the Transit Center, then we had to wait 20 minutes for a 42 to Ewa to pick us up. On the 42, some lady scoffed at my sister because she was in the way. My sister couldn't move, the bus was packed. After that, I told my mom that I wanted to get away from her. Then, this ten year old was acting like a hoochie, pulling up her shirt because she was afraid that her flat chest would be exposed. They laughed at my mom's and sister's nails, and my mom was all like, "At least I don't look like a hoochie."

Then we walked home.



January 12 2006


First, we woke up at 7. we needed to be up by 6.

We missed the school bus, so we took the city bus.

We got to school at 8:10, ten minutes late.

At lunch, I went to the library, and the bell doesn't work theere, so I was late to English.

I had to take a test in English. A stupid test.

We had a test in Democracy.

The school bus system doesn't have a clue. We don't know what bus to ride home.

I got on the city bus, and it was full, so the bus driver wouldn't let my sister on. I had already put my dollar in. She wouldn't refund me.

We had to walk 2.5 miles home. Didn't take but half an hour, but still.

I don't have any money on my ATM card. My debit card pin is screwed up.

That was my day. It sucked. Goodbye. Off to get a refund from TheBus.

I'm happy

January 03 2006

We got our TV today... a freakin 50 inch Sony!

It's freakin awesome!

We got a Bose DVD player/Media Center with it.


Aloha to that!

Got to go.